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Gardening jobs for November

Gardening jobs for November are on my mind having recently lost our regular gardener. I think we may have another gardener lined up but in the meantime, it is down to me to think what needs doing. Also having read a book about the benefits of gardening for wellbeing recently, I am thinking maybe it is time to get the gardening bug anyway.

Gardening jobs for November

Gardening Jobs For November

Planting grass seed

Online research suggests that this month may be a great time to sow grass seed. There is certainly plenty of rain  which helps with germination. It is not yet freezing cold as it will be all too soon. There are less weeds about to compete with the emerging grass. Best of all it means when the warmer months eventually show up the lawn will already be well-established.


We have flowers that seem to largely look after themselves. I am going to research  online what we actually have and see if they need a helping hand. Also I am going to plant some daffodil, tulip and hyacinth bulbs. It is good to focus on new life as the colder months set in.

Christmas crafts

I am lucky to have lots of holly in the garden so will be making festive displays for the home. I know my creative daughter will love to come up with fun ideas for this one. We have ivy and pine cones a plenty too so can go wild.

Fruit and vegetables

I said we would grow vegetables when we moved here and have made no progress at all. I intend to pore over magazines and Pinterest for ideas so I can actually get round to doing something. We have some crab apples that I want to make jelly with so I can start on that project today.

Other gardening jobs for November

I reckon I will not be too busy this November but can lay good foundations for the year ahead. I am wondering if I can use our sun room attached to the house as a greenhouse of sorts. I certainly want to start composting which makes so much sense. I need to visit the garden centre and to invest in a water butt too.

What other gardening jobs for November would you recommend to a novice?

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