What is metal fabrication?

Metal fabrication is a term you might not think about every day. It means exactly what you would probably guess if someone mentioned the phrase to you. It is when raw metal materials are made into building machines and structures. You may feel metal fabrication has little impact on your life until I tell you it includes the production of hand railings, cutlery and hand tools. You may also want to check out the Pro Welder Guide for further information.

Metal fabrication

Metals are used in architecture, hardware, spring and wire manufacturing, forging, stamping and so much more. I remember loving metal work at school. However, I was seen as academic and steered away from practical topics.  I think I might have enjoyed a job that involved cutting, burning, welding and the like. I imagine it is really satisfying when you see the finished product.

Job roles

I guess if someone is attracted by a career in metal fabrication they should look into the job profiles for blacksmiths, welders, ironworkers and boilermakers. As with most fields, you can work your way up to supervisory or management roles should you wish to do so. I think being a blacksmith would appeal to me most. I used to live in a former blacksmith’s home so perhaps that is where the idea comes from. Also I love the vintage and like to be creative. So in another lifetime I would like to be a blacksmith and am pleased to see that female blacksmiths are not that uncommon.

What do metal workers use?

Standard raw materials used include plate metal, fittings, castings, formed and expanded metal, sectional metal, flat metal, and welding wire. As I have looked into metal fabrication more and more and wondered about apprenticeships in the field, I find it more and more fascinating. I have learned about specialist metal fabrication companies, such as Special Metals, who work with materials such as tantalum.’






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