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Favourite interior styles for the home

My favourite interior styles have changed over the years inspired by trips to salesrooms but also antique fairs, flea markets and charity shops. Minimalism does appeal to me although you would not think so if you visited my home. I have an image of myself in some dazzling career living the single life in a loft apartment full of light and clean lines. There would be no pets or children so I could have lots of clean white things like Egyptian cotton sheets. Who knows? Perhaps my retirement retreat will be just like this. There is a lot to be said for not living with clutter and knowing that memories remain even when you get rid of stuff.
My close male friend once had a urban styled flat and although I could enjoy visiting that look would not suit me as a home. It just comes across too harsh for me and I like my comforts.
The English Garden look is OK and I could live with it so long as I used bold and vibrant colours. I do love the idea of having lots of real flowers around at all times. In fact, I recently started a new rule that I would treat myself to flowers every Friday.
My love of the bold and vibrant means I do like elements of luxe style in my home but not as the all-encompassing theme. You often see luxe looks in my bedroom though especially when it comes to bedspreads.
The Scandinavian look is not for me perhaps because I associate it too much and unfairly with IKEA. Having said that I do love the idea of not having carpets which are the worst dirt collectors in my opinion.
France could do it for me in some ways with shabby chic and a distressed look. This is one style that is so easy to accomplish via car boot sales and charity shop finds so it can be very affordable to do.
I am a huge fan of the seaside so I am always attracted to anything to do with the coast. I would be quite happy with a Coastal style with deckchairs and a lot of white, reds and blues. You will find pictures of lighthouses and shells in my home. I absolutely love the idea of having bigger coastal items on display such as a wooden oar.
So you can see there are styles I dislike and ones that I like a little or a lot. The truth is I have eclectic tastes in fashion, art, writing and music. I guess that is why the Modern Bohemia look is the one that suits me best. I like to throw different colours and textures together and often from different eras too. My favourite colours are orange and purple so this look is so much a match for me. It also gives me an excuse to retain a little clutter and to have mismatching colours and shapes. Life is messy and I quite like my home to reflect that.
If you want to investigate these styles in more detail and find out which one is for you check out Julian Charles and get revamping your home today.
What are you favourite interior styles?


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