What causes coffee machines to malfunction?

They do say you most people are either a dog or a cat person. Similarly, many of us can state quite categorically whether we prefer tea or coffee. Anyone who knows me will tell you I drink far too much coffee. Tea is reserved for particularly hot days or times when I have just finished fish and chips.

I was recently gifted a fancy coffee machine like the ones available from saeco online. It took me a while to work out how to use it probably because I have a habit of not reading instruction manuals.

It got me thinking about what might make a coffee machine malfunction?

The first thing to do when your coffee machine malfunctions

There is an obvious answer to this if you love and need your coffee as much as I do. Source coffee either by using instant or get yourself to the nearest coffee shop for the caffeine you are craving. Even though caffeine is technically a stimulant, I find I calm down after a cup particularly when things have gone wrong.

Common reasons for coffee makers not working

If you have read the instructions and applied them, the machine should work. Double-check that you have actually plugged it in of course. If it does not function,  you are probably looking at a blown fuse, a damaged switch or an issue with the thermostat. You can learn more about the phenomenon in your product but you can do some fairly basic checks too.

Testing your coffee machine

Unplug the coffee maker and get rid of any coffee grounds or water. Turn the coffee machine upside down and remove the base. Hopefully, an ordinary Phillips screwdriver will work on the screws but you may need a special one so be warned.

Start by checking the fuses. If the fuse is faulty or blown, you will need to replace it. Your next steps are to check the switch and then the thermostat. You need to have a multimeter to hand. There are also known as a volt-ohm meter. They are handheld testers used to measure electrical voltage, current (amperage), resistance, and other values. They come in analog and digital versions and are useful for everything from simple tests, like measuring battery voltage, to detecting faults and complex diagnostics.

With a bit of luck, you will be able to identify the problem with your coffee machine and fix it quickly enough.

Other reasons coffee machines fail

You may have had a electrical power outage. Obviously when your electrical power goes, your electrical appliances stop working. However, they can also be damaged by a power surge. There are products that protect against power surges and you can found out more about these if you click here for further details.

Of course, sometimes there might be a mineral build-up in your machine or it may simply be so old that it can’t work anymore.

I hope you manage to sort out your coffee machine problem soon and in the meantime, can someone put the kettle on?






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