Women in the workplace

As someone who battled for equality of opportunity for women in my student days 31 years ago, it distresses me that women still have so many struggles in the workplace. I have a daughter and I don’t want her to not fulfill her clear potential just because she happens to be female. What holds women back in the workplace?

Parenting responsibilities

Just because women give birth to children does not mean they should be the only ones doing the childcare. In my opinion, more men need to step up and do their fair share of holding the baby and doing the housework. I am pleased to see more men are becoming stay at home parents where that makes sense for a particular couple. It’s also superb to see companies like where husbands and wives work together.

Non-traditional jobs

It is great to see the trailblazers who enter employment fields not traditionally associated with women. It is wonderful when you see blogs from companies like Horizon Measurements celebrating women making a difference in non-traditional roles and endorsing female leadership. I remember seeing a directory of female tradespeople and thought how this would really help women who were alone at home and may feel nervous about allowing a man into their private space.

Equal pay

Although we have had equal pay legislation for decades, we still don’t have equal pay. It is sad that women employees in well-known supermarkets are having to go to court to get their roles valued appropriately. Here’s to the lawyers who take on their cases more concerned with justice and fairness than a high fee.

Charities and social life

It is often women who take the lead when it comes to encouraging their employers to support good causes in the community. Of course, such efforts almost always have a great impact on the business in terms of media, marketing and sales. What business doesn’t want to be in the press or covered in radio and television channels? Customers tend to flock to the businesses who seem nice and well-meaning generally. If you are a woman wanting to fundraise and to get your employer involved, you can learn more about how to do so easily enough.

The global pandemic

It is really sad that after decades of gradual progress for women in the workplace, the global pandemic has brought some setbacks. It turns out that the sectors affected most by the Coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions and the virus generally were the ones where women are found in greater numbers. More women than men were furloughed. It appears women who are mums and those from ethnic minority backgrounds have faced particular working struggles. Of course, a lot of mums took on the bulk of the home-schooling to name just one real challenge that mothers faced.

On the other hand, women have proved that home-working can be an effective and cost-saving employment tool for businesses. It will be more difficult for employers to reject requests for flexible working moving forwards. However, many women may become very isolated at home.

What are your hopes for women in the workplace?


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