How the children are making plans for the future

I find this a very exciting period to be a parent. It’s a little like when the kids started to talk and you saw them emerging with their own particular passions. My oldest lad loved Thomas the Tank Engine whereas my youngest seemed to want to get on a computer at the earliest opportunity. Later, he was the one most interested in baking with me in the kitchen. My daughter was never more happy than when she had paper and some crayons. So I thought it would be fun to record their current plans for the future.

Political ambitions

My oldest lad is studying politics at Exeter University. I am so proud of him for handling his first year during a global pandemic. His experience is so markedly different from my first year at Cambridge University. He has not had a face-to-face lecture and has not met anyone from his course yet. Despite a serious issue with his appendix and the loss of a close friend who he is still grieving for, he stuck with the experience. He has shown immense strength of character this year especially when also seeing the collapse of his parents’ marriage. I am very proud of him. Mind you, he is a bit of a hypochondriac and is currently complaining about issues with his mouth. I need to get some mouthwash from Reil Cosmetics and look into a dental appointment.

Cooking up a storm

My charismatic younger boy wants to be a chef. He used to dream of becoming a policeman but the chef thing has stuck. Sadly, he did not get a place on the domestic science GCSE when he joined his school late in the year. However, there is a local college that offers catering courses and there are apprenticeships should he decide to go down that route in a year’s time. I have pointed out that it is not just about working with food. I told him that he will need to learn about budgeting and accounting. Depending on his role in a professional kitchen he will need the best commercial hood cleaning service and similar services. As my son has returned to school after years of home education and hit the ground running, I feel sure whatever he attempts he will shine. I have many reasons to be proud of him.

Creative Media

My daughter visited the local college today for an Open Day. She has signed up to do a BTEC in Creative Media. It sounds lots of fun with her learning more about animation, photography and gaming design. It will play to her artistic nature. She will do some GCSEs alongside the course. As she successfully completed her course at another college last week, I intend to buy her a celebratory gift. Options include Giving Bracelets layering bracelets or the milestone of having her ears pierced at last. She has grown so much in confidence and assertiveness skills this year so I am a very proud mother.

I am excited to watch my children’s futures unfold.

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