Hopes for a new home

Every time I move, I do so with high hopes. I might be looking forward to starting a new job, hoping new house rules for the children will work in a new place or hoping I might be able to have a pet. When we move we do so with dreams for a positive future. Here are some of the things I am bearing in mind as I find I have to move yet again to pastures new as my brother relocates to a Scottish island.


I have to decide whether to go for a city, a market town or a village in the countryside. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. My ultimate dream if to live by the sea but I don’t think that is practical just now for a variety of reasons.  I like the vibrancy of a city but think I am too old to live in one happily these days. I would like to be within a reasonable driving distance of one. I love the concept of living out in the wilds of the countryside but have learned from experience that I end up finding that boring. So I think I need a village with great amenities or a market town. For the ultimate location, I can check out the properties on online.


Ideally, I need 4 bedrooms so that each member of the family has their own space. I have 2 teenagers and a young adult who is at university but returns home so should have his own room. I would like a kitchen, lounge and dining room. Utility rooms and pantries are not essential but are certainly nice to have. I would quite like a spare room that I can use to exercise in away from prying eyes. I plan to do more Yoga but also to try dumbells from that I found recently whilst browsing the Internet. If I ever win the Lottery, I have plans for a swimming pool in my basement.

Interior design

Now I am single and have older children who won’t mess up the walls or jump on furniture, I can go a little wild with my interior design choices. I want lots of vibrant colours and quirky features. I have checked out the amazing plant walls available from  to inject that pop of a colourful and natural look in the home. If I had my way, I would also have an indoor swing in the lounge.

Getting organised

It is certainly time I started getting organised as my brother moves at the end of July to his dream home on a remote island. I am used to working with my husband on matters like moving house but he has decided to live overseas so it is down to me to put a roof over the children’s heads. I need to work out good public transport routes to school and college. I will invest in a great removal company to ease the stress. I wonder where we will end up.



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