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You find me lying on the bed with the sun streaming through my open window. There is a cool breeze which I am enjoying. I don’t like extreme heat and especially now when a hot flush might turn up at any given moment. I may just have enjoyed a Cherry Bakewell or even two! If I am honest I am enjoying lock down less as the weeks go by. I feel a little bored from time to time. I am chomping at the bit to get used to a new and positive normal. However, all my loved ones are alive and well so I am determined to focus on the good things in my life at least most of the time.

You can take it as read that I am continuing to enjoy great sleep even sleeping right through last night. Unheard of! Food here is wonderful. Even better my brother forgot to get the chilli sauce for the pasta last night. I struggle with that every week so did not miss it one bit. I have worked out I am very much a people pleaser and think I need to work on that. For example, I am drinking cheap cola because my son does not like it so won’t drink it and I don’t want to upset my brother who bought it.

I have started reading a new book about a woman who goes to live in Paris.  Seeing as we never did pull off my daughter’s 16th birthday treat, all things Paris are welcome right now.

I had some disappointing news this week but seem to have remained upbeat most of the time and especially today. Getting out for a walk always helps especially if it is sunny and we see dogs en route.

I laughed at myself today. I had ordered some padded envelopes so I can send gifts to people. I did not really register the measurements on the Amazon advert so just said yes to large. They arrived today and if I want to send a baby elephant to anyone I will be OK. They are huge!

Talking of goodies, my son was offered some expensive shoes to review just when he needed a new pair too. Result!

I have ordered a few things this week including shoes in the right size as George at Asda clearly are generous in their sizing so I received two pairs (one for my son and one for me) which were way too big! Added in a polka dot unwired bra and some khaki shorts so that I could get free delivery.  I also found a lovely Esty store for a face mask with a fun liquorice allsorts design. If you are looking for a face covering, I have written a post about where to buy face masks and so on.

I am continuing to revel in the luxury of my eldest boy’s company and our obsession with The Lost Kingdom on Netflix continues. As for me and my brother, we watch The Last Post on Netflix. We tend to be together in the evenings watching soaps, travel, cookery and news shows. Last night we watched The Marigold Hotel film followed by the documentary that is officially not based on the film!

It was my husband’s birthday this week and it was lovely to hear him speak on the phone to my son here. He was lovely to him about his 5 university offers (I will keep saying 5 because it is true and I am allowed to be proud). I was moved by his beautiful words as was my son. It has taken a while but it came at last and we value that.

My daughter phoned me out of the blue one evening. That is a first and was such an unexpected pleasure. I really did feel my heart swell when I experienced another of her important milestones.

My younger son continues to WhatsApp me regularly and today we had a giggle about his Great Bernard dog avatar. He taught me how to add a picture to my own account. I used the picture of a beau-ti-ful mug that a newish online friend sent to me. It has that word on it along with my name and love hearts. It was a gorgeous surprise.

It is an odd period for our family as for everyone. I am counting my blessings until the new normal arrives.



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Musings Of A Tired Mummy

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  • Michelle Twin Mum

    I don’t think you are alone, many want the new normal to just get on and be here. They say you can have too much of a good thing and staying home all the time defintiley have an expiry date, especially. I imagine when you are away from a couple of your kids. Mich x

  • midlife singlemum

    I’m reminded of being on holiday and having the time to make all sorts of life plans. By the end of the holiday you’re itching to get back and get started but you have to spend the rest of the week in limbo by the pool. By the pool is great but there’s also that restlessness of anticipation for the future and what you’re only going to do.

  • Hannah

    Sounds like you’ve had a lovely week — wow 5 offers is amazing! Well done to your son 🙂 Lockdown is getting a bit tedious now isn’t it – hopefully having some lovely weather this week will help 🙂 #anythinggoes

  • Kim Carberry

    Even though you are feeling a little bored it sounds like you are still enjoying life, eating well and sleeping well.
    hehehe! It is hard to judge the size of things when you’re ordering online.
    Well done your son with the 5 uni offers. That’s amazing! x

  • RaisieBay

    Well done to your son! We are just plodding along here, trying to make each day a little different and mostly failing. It’s such a strange time to be living in.

  • Eva Katona

    That’s mostly good news then – it’s alway your attitude I guess that makes the difference-to a degree of course. And sleep plus good food make you feel better!

  • Catherine

    I love The Marigold Hotel but I didn’t know there was a documentary, I’ll look out for it :o)

    Congratulations to your son – 5 offers is amazing, what a great choice to have!


  • mummyofasquarepeg

    I think it’s really important to look for the little things that make you smile at a time like this. I haven’t watched the Last Kingdom yet but an ex student of mine plays Stiorra (I think). Keep going, you’re doing a fab job. #StayClassyMama

  • stickymudandbellylaughs

    A massive well done to your son. Five uni offers is awesome, he obviously takes after his mum!
    I’m so glad to hear that you are keeping occupied in these crazy times we are living in. x

  • Karen Reekie

    It is a very strange time, isn’t it? I am ok with what is happening and being at home but I do want some freedom back. Thanks for linking up to #stayclassymama

  • loopyloulaura

    We’ve somehow managed to buy some wheelie bin liners instead of normal bin bags. Not sure if it was a mistaken sub on an online order or a rushed buy during an in store visit. Good to focus on the comic moments and positives at this difficult time. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

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