Young adult’s weekend away

My 20 year old son is planning a weekend away with friends. He is home from Exeter University with time on his hands. It’s a good opportunity to catch up with friends from across the United Kingdom. We are a family who have moved around and he has attended several schools and colleges. Now his friends are on the move too for jobs and university courses. Apparently there is a plan to meet up soon in Derby as a place they can all travel to easily enough by public transport.

Leather luggage

He has just come into my room bemoaning his lack of decent luggage. He is 20 going on 4 and a half at times. Apparently his suitcase won’t do as it is too bulky. His suitcase makes me smile as it has one of my late father’s handkerchiefs on it so my son can pick it out at airports. I have advised my son to get a leather bag like the one I use when I am going away for a few days to see a friend or to stay in a hotel for some essential self-care. He seems satisfied with that idea so if going online to order one now.


I imagine my son and his friends will talk and talk into the early hours of the morning. No doubt alcohol will flow but he won’t have any. One of the things I am pleased about is that none of my children like booze. That will save them heaps of cash and keep them out of trouble as they move forwards positively in their lives. My son says the group of friendswill advise one of his best mates who is looking for a job with a global company like the one seen on this website online. They will also spend time remembering the friend who was killed in a car crash last year. I feel sure they will all miss his presence on their get-together weekend.

Games, games, games!

I don’t particularly like my children’s obsession with all things gaming. I think the whole X Box generation has lost out on making many precious family memories by spending too much time on screens. Having said that, when apart through distance or pandemic restrictions, the games keep friends connected and reduce isolation. One thing I know for sure is that gaming will feature in this lads’ weekend.


As I write this post, I am reminded of my weekends away with my friends when I was younger before marriage and kids took over my life. I would regularly visit London and Manchester for parties hosted by my friends from Cambridge University. I would always make time to meet up with my best friend from school too as she travelled around the country with the Royal Air Force. I wish I had recordings of our conversations back then. We were so sure how our lives would turn out but now I know life is indeed strange with its twists and turns.

What would you do on a weekend away with your friends?

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