Personal, team and charity challenges

The global pandemic has made many of us reflect that perhaps we are not living our lives to the full. When you become aware how very short life can be, it makes you wake up and want to live yours in a positive way. Lockdowns made us count the blessings we had formerly enjoyed. Many of us are thinking of personal, team and charity challenges as the pandemic restrictions ease and travel becomes possible again.

Personal challenges

How many of us get stuck in a rut at some point and realise we are no longer working towards our hopes and dreams for the future? It’s like somewhere along the line of life we just give up and accept our lot. How happy are you currently? Would you like to work somewhere else or retire? Do you fancy setting up your own business or travelling the world? Where do you want to live? Who do you want to spend your time with? I set you the personal challenge of living life your way so you stand out from the crowd as the individual you are. When I think about my own life, it is when I forced myself to apply for Cambridge University, challenged myself to live in France and had my children that I was at my most happy. Feel the fear and do it anyway! Inspired by Avatar which my children introduced me to I will grab a slogan T-shirt from this website and airbend with the best of them.

Team challenges

With more people returning to the workplace after furlough, companies will be well advised to rebuild their teams. Challenges like the virtual hike of the Appalachian Trail carried out by Millennium Geospatial build mutual understanding across a team or teams. The best team challenges are inclusive encouraging individuals to do what they can manage. I am a big fan of team challenges where sponsorship is involved raising money for great causes. Having said that, some team challenges involve going and doing something for a charity via employee volunteering. Your local volunteering centre will have information on that for your employer.

Charity challenges

It’s great to see so many charities harnessing our love of challenges. There are the long-established ones like the Macmillan Coffee Morning where we are encouraged to meet with friends to help the cancer charity whilst eating cake. Who will ever forget the Calendar Girls? Getting involved in good causes always helps us feel better about ourselves and takes our minds off our own problems. It’s also a great way to use our existing talents, learn new ones and make friends in the process. My favourite charity challenge was fire-walking for a local hospice.

Of course, after all those personal, team and charity challenges, it’s important to take time to relax in some super-soft loungewear from somewhere like whilst watching the telly. Self-care is vital for our wellbeing and fuels us for new challenges ahead.

What personal, team and charity challenges are you planning?


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