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Tech frustrations and what to do about them


It’s safe to safe that we love our technology. Computers, smartphones, tablets, you name it! Technology has shaped the way we live our lives in ways we never could have imagined even five years ago. We’re more connected and plugged in than ever before. And for the most part, the ways technology has gotten into our lives have been good. For the most part. Sometimes, however, technology decides to turn against us. In a betrayal more heartbreaking than the worst break-up, our tech can break, freeze or collapse entirely. Here are just a few of the most infuriating tech frustrations that we all know far too well.

Tech frustrations include pop-ups

Seriously, how are these still a thing? How can tech companies and web designers still be letting this happen? The sheer amount of people who’ve had to resort to adblocker is shows how unacceptable it is. The amount of pop-up ads that can get in the way of the content we’re actually trying to read is ridiculous. Sure, tech companies have to pay the bills and pop-up ads don’t technically make it impossible actually to use a website. But they are an annoying distraction that can turn people away from a page they might have been interested in. Besides, how many people can say they’ve actually ever clicked on a pop-up ad?


One of the most common that many of us have about technology simply comes from the fact that there are a bunch of different varieties and it’s often difficult or even impossible to get them to connect with each other. Smart TVs, PCs, smartphones, tablets, all doing their own thing but never talking to each other in a way that would actually be useful. Luckily, there are some solutions to that issue. For one thing, there are now a lot of apps that connect your smartphone or tablet directly to your computer so you can transfer files easily. Plus if you can find something like a Google Chromecast on sale then being able to take the things that you’re viewing on your computer and put them onto your TV is as easy as the touch of a button. That’s the thing about technology, there’s almost always a solution for even the most frustrating problem.

Unnecessary updates

Look. Obviously, it’s important for app developers to update their software to fix things that don’t work. Even when they’re adding new features, the updates end up being worthwhile. But why, why do they insist on changing things for no good reason whatsoever? Was anyone really hankering for Snapchat user interface to be suddenly different with no explanation? App developers, we understand you want to make things shiny and new, but some things just work. And we really don’t want to be confused and have to relearn how to use our apps every single time open them.

These things might seem small and unimportant, and maybe they are! But with every fantastic development in the wonderful world of technology, it seems to come up with new and exciting ways to make us pull our hair out!

What are your biggest tech frustrations in life?

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