How to train and treat your bladder if you have urine urgency?

When people become older, a number of different diseases may be developed over the passing age if they do not follow a healthy lifestyle. One of them is an overactive bladder. There are many symptoms of an overactive bladder like urinary incontinence, urine frequency, or urine urgency. Especially adult persons who have dementia or Alzheimer’s cannot control the leakage of urine and may, in turn, end up leaking. This condition is not just limited to adults but it can happen to people of any age. 

When adults pass urine unintentionally, it is called urine incontinence. There are several types of urine incontinence:

  1. Urge incontinence – when there is a urine leakage right after you feel a sudden and strong urge to pee. It is caused by the overactivity of detrusor muscles.
  2. Stress incontinence – urine leakage occurs when there is a little pressure being put up on your bladder like when you cough or laugh. It is caused by a weak or damaged pelvic muscle that holds the urine
  3. Overflow incontinence – when you are not able to empty out your bladder and it results in frequent leakage. When there is some blockage in your bladder, it prevents it from emptying fully
  4. Total incontinence – this is the worst form of urine incontinence as your bladder is not able to store urine at all and ends up leaking frequently. This happens when you have a defect by birth or there is a spinal injury that has numbed the muscles.


You can consult with your GP regarding your overactive bladder. It is a common problem and therefore must not be taken lightly. The doctor will do a pelvic or rectal examination to identify the root cause. The doctor may recommend you to keep a journal and document every time you drink fluids and feel the urge to urinate. In this way, a pattern can be known to train your bladder to control easily. 


There are some at-home as well as medical treatments available to treat urine incontinence. They are as follows:

  • Lifestyle changes

If you are overweight, you must lose weight to avoid this problem. Being overweight may have some health hazards. Physical activity may improve your overall health and solve the problem of urine incontinence as well. Try to cut back on caffeine or alcohol consumption as they have adverse effects on your bladder. You can also perform pelvic floor exercises which strengthen the pelvic muscles. 

  • Medications

In the worst-case scenario, doctors prescribe medicines to treat an overactive bladder. Adults are mostly prescribed Myrbetriq to treat this problem. It relaxes the bladder muscles and prevents bladder spasms. You must only take medicines during the consultation with your GP. You can get a cheaper Myrbetriq prescription from PricePro Pharmacy which sells authentic drugs and medicines at discounted prices. 

  • Bladder training

You can train your bladder to wait a while to pass the urine. In the initial stage, you can delay going to the toilet for 5 min and then slowly increase the time every week. 


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