How to Style Your Clutch Bag to Suit Any Occasion

Clutch bags are those tiny formal bags that can just about hold a phone, keys and a choice between a wallet or a little make-up. Women who hate carrying around a lot of stuff have worked out ways to style a clutch bag with every outfit. clutch purse will allow you to experiment.

Thicker and Longer Strap

Clutch bags aren’t typically suited for shopping. Shopping is an activity that demands hands-free, even if you are just running in for milk and bread. Look for clutch bags with a strap. Most come with a clip-on strap. This should be thicker than the traditional clip-on strap and perhaps a bit longer so it can be tucked underneath an arm.


Clutch bags are a clubbing favourite. You don’t want to lose the full contents of your handbag on a night out, nor do you want to carry a lot of stuff with you. You can’t dance very well with a bag clutched in your hand. This is another occasion where the clip-on strap is a must. Look for a very long strap so it can be worn as a crossbody bag. A bag hanging off a shoulder only slips and gets in the way. You don’t want to embarrass yourself.

The Office

If you don’t need or want a full size handbag, a clutch bag works with office attire. Matt black or dark grey works best. No one wants to be dazzled by shiny vinyl while at work. Look for something plain with no fringes or crystals.

Some women need to bring a rucksack to the office but don’t want to bring it to lunch or to meet important clients. A handbag combined with a rucksack is a bit too much to carry. Keeping the basics inside a clutch bag in the rucksack solves the problem.


It may seem a bit odd to take a clutch bag to lunch. It will look weird too if the bag is too formal. A clutch bag is a simple way to class-up a daytime outfit, but don’t make it out-of-place. Stick to the same bag used for the office.


Clutch bags aren’t just for formal dinners. They work in a steak house too. Dress up a pair of jeans with wedge sandals and a clutch bag. That way, you aren’t out of place but still maintain your style.


Formal occasions are where clutch bags shine. Purchase the gown first and then match the bag. Shoes should match the bag as closely as possible.

Other Accessories

If using a clutch bag outside of formal occasions, match it to your other accessories. If you wear glasses, get a clutch bag to match. Formal shoes aren’t practical for every occasion women have found for clutch bags. Think outside of the box. If you don’t wear glasses, try matching to your nail varnish.

There is no reason clutch bags have to be saved for formal occasions.


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