How To Protect Newborns In Cold Weather

How to Protect Newborns in Cold Weather

If you are expecting a baby in the colder months whether it is in the winter or late fall, or very early spring (which still means it would be cold), you are going to want to read up on how to keep your baby protected by the cold and harsh weather. With that said, while you are out shopping for those adorable baby homecoming outfits, you will want to make sure that you make sure that those are appropriate for winter. And, you will want to get plenty of swaddling blankets in addition to that as well. We hope these tips on how to protect newborns in cold weather will help you.

You can get winter jackets as well, however, there is a rule about that which will be discussed later on. However, let’s start off by how to keep your baby’s skin protected from the harsh outdoor elements during winter and during the cold weather.

How to protect newborns in cold weather

The rule of thumb is when you are indoors during the summer when the air conditioning is on, and during the winter unless the heat up is on high is to only dress your baby in one extra layer indoors. That is by determining your own comfort level as far as whether you are cold or too warm indoors. If you are comfortable, then you will want to add an extra layer to your baby based on what he or she is wearing. That means if the type of clothing is made from the same material as yours, add an extra layer such as an undershirt. If you are too cold or too warm, then you will want to make yourself comfortable so you know how to dress your baby. And if you suspect your baby is overheated such as having a heat rash, then you will want to remove a layer of clothing. The rule of thumb is to make sure the temperature indoors is set from 68 F to 72F which is from 15 to 20 C. And overnight you will want it to be set no warmer than 68 F but it can be down to 65 F which is around 13 C.

However, once you go outdoors during the harsh cold weather and when you plan to take your baby out, that is when you need to dress your baby in layers. That means you must put a hat and mittens on your baby in addition to a winter coat while you are outside. But the winter coat will need to be taken off in the car which will be discussed more next.

Ditch The Winter Coat In The Car And Use A Blanket Instead

You will wonder why a winter coat is not recommended for the car when even with the heat running, it still can be cold. That is because the winter coat will not sit well in the car seat which would end up making it unsafe for the baby since the straps would not be functional. It is too bulky so that is not how to protect newborns in cold weather.That means when you are transferring the baby during the cold months, you will take the winter coat off and put it somewhere in the car. Strap your baby in, and then place a blanket over after you had strapped the baby into the car seat. That will keep your baby safe and warm, and be sure to keep the hat and mittens on. When you reach your destination, that is when you must put the winter coat on as you will be going outdoors.

Make Sure The Baby Is Bundled Up When You Take A Walk Outdoors

Logic will tell you that you will not take your baby out for a jaunt when the temperatures are at freezing or below that. However, if it is a cold day but not freezing cold and it is clear, you can definitely take your baby out for a walk. However, you will want to make sure that your baby is bundled up because it is still far from warm out there. You will want to put those mittens and hats on. You can put your baby in a winter jacket if you are just going for a stroll in the stroller.

And you will want to check your baby periodically on the walk to make sure that there is no discomfort at all. And you can also do this by checking to see the condition of the skin. If it is dry, then the baby is not comfortable. It is also advisable to keep the jaunts short even during milder winter days. Perhaps keep it to no longer than 20 minutes and if even if your baby doesn’t seem uncomfortable physically if he or she begins to fuss on the walk, then you will want to turn back and go right home. That is because your baby has had enough. Remember, it may not be frigid on those days, but it is still pretty cold.

You Will Want To Prevent Dry Skin

Winter air is very dry and can easily dry out your baby’s skin, even indoors. This is why you will want to have a humidifier and you will also want to get moisturizer for the baby’s skin that is meant for infants. That means the moisturizer will be free of chemicals or any strange ingredients. It can be applied to the skin many times a day, and you also will not want to bathe your infant each night either or else that will cause the skin to dry out.

This means when you are shopping for your baby for the winter, you will need to add moisturizer to the list of things to prepare yourself with, in addition to the unisex baby clothes that are appropriate for the cold season. Be sure to add those to the registry as well as you will want others to get practical baby gifts since you will be up to your ears with preparation for the baby’s upcoming arrival. Stay healthy, and stay warm during the coolest time of the year, and this way you and your baby will most definitely be comfortable.

Do you have ideas on how to protect newborns in cold weather for our readers?


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