How to Use Your Printer More Efficiently

Do you own a business or work in an office full-time? If so, there are probably several things you can do to help the place operate in a more efficient manner. This will help the company save some money, whilst also allowing you and your colleagues to be kinder to the environment. Printing and photocopying are areas in which many office workers aren’t particularly economical; they are often used in a very wasteful way. Here are some green print solutions to help you and your colleagues become more efficient when printing at work.

Reducing your font size is a simple, yet effective way to reduce print waste. This is because it will likely reduce the number of pages needed. Printing in black and white is also a better option than colour, because coloured ink can sometimes cost up to ten times the price of monochrome ink.

You should speak to your employer about looking into a new printer that comes complete with “follow me” software. This essentially stops abandoned print jobs which are not only wasteful, but often a security threat when it comes to sensitive documentation. The user must confirm their print job before it is released, rather than printing it from their desk and then potentially forgetting about it.

If you’re planning to print a large job, you should always print a practise copy first so that you can make sure it’s all as it should be before you waste tons of paper and ink. It’s also a great idea to start your larger print jobs in the evening, when electricity is more affordable.

The above tips should help, but it’s really important that you consider whether or not printing is even necessary in the first place. Could you just go digital? The more mindful you become about the little things, the more efficient you will become; and other people are sure to follow suit.

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