Heavy Haulage Industry

Heavy haulage is one of those terms you have heard of but don’t necessarily know what it is. The truth is that heavy haulage is vital as it involved moving industrial machines and heavy equipment from one place to another. There are dangers involved when moving such huge things so always rely on a heavy  haulage expert company.


Safety is vital and there are so many logistics when it comes to the heavy haulage business. Planning is vital backed up by the right equipment and suitably trained staff. Those staff will look at the logistics in intricate detail. They will look at a wide range of issues such as obstructions on the road and overhead. They will know which permits need to be in place or if a vehicle escort is required.

You will need to ensure they understand the job scale, the precise measurements in terms of dimensions and weight of what  you want to move. Communication is key.

The first step in making the plan is a detailed survey followed by an inspection.

What might be moved?

Examples of what heavy haulage might be involved in transporting include industrial machinery that you might find on a building site or in a factory, cooling towers, turbines and generators.

What to look for in a heavy haulage firm

You want to get things right and ensure safety is maintained when transporting heavy equipment. You need to ensure the haulage trucks are maintained well and are have fully qualified and experienced drivers. Ask the company you are hoping to engage about their policies on things like rest periods and vehicle escorts. Of course, as with any business transaction you will engage a company you feel comfortable with so look for easy booking systems and cheerful staff.

Do you have experience of the heavy haulage industry?

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