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Luxury toiletries from Bronnley

I am not usually a woman who does much  pampering to be honest. It is only really in the last couple of years that I have realised how vital self-care is for us to stay emotionally well. Self-care is never selfish as it means we come back more refreshed which makes us way more pleasant and helpful to our loved ones. Lockdown has changed me in so many ways. One is that I have indulged more in things that make me feel good. Imagine my delight when I was given the amazing opportunity to review some luxury toiletries from Bronnley.

Luxury toiletries from Bronnley

I immediately recognised the name. Bronnley is well-known heritage brand. I seem to remember my mum using their soaps many  years ago. I cannot think of a better time than right now to look forward to #BronnleyBrighterDays to be honest. We need to try to feel good and to relax as best we can in these challenging times.  I also think the lovely treats from Bronnley such as luxury soaps, lotions and fragrances make awesome gifts for those we love. Never before have we had such a need to let people know we are thinking of them and wishing them well.

The package arrives

As we are so often stuck indoors, parcels are even more delightful these days. It almost does not matter what is inside them. However when the Bronnley package arrived it was magical. I cannot do justice in mere words to how gorgeous the packaging is. Soaps came in boxes that I intend to keep. I love boxes and these are beautiful ones. I am not sure what I will store in them but I will find something. The soaps were wrapped well too and I loved the shapes particularly the lemon ones.

Scent-sational luxury toiletries

Smells can make us feel so good. Bronnley have a wide range of scents to choose from so there is something for everyone. I received the lemon and neroli set of soaps I keep picking them up every time I have an anxious moment to distract myself as the smell is utterly divine. I also got Lily of the Valley soaps and the scent reminds me of my mum.

Hand lotion

Finally, I have a sensual hand lotion. It feels amazing on the skin and is perfect for these times when we are doing so much hand-washing.  I had found that having my hands in water so often was damaging my skin a little. I put the hand lotion on before bed and just love how it feels on my skin. It is an indulgence that is also making my skin feel so soft and lovely.

Bronnley Luxury Toiletries review

Bloggers often get things sent for review. I enjoy them but it has to be a really special brand for me to want to order from them again. I like to live quite frugally. However, I have already determined that when funds allow, I will order a fragrance set quite possibly the Eclectic Elements Eau de Toilette collection for just £25.

I urge you to investigate Bronnley for indulgent treats perfect for yourself or those you love.

You can see more images and thoughts about my Bronnley delights over on my Instagram account.



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