Where to shop for women’s fashion for Spring

The temperatures are warming up day by day and the skies are blue more often that not. Spring has officially arrived and we are so ready for it. It is food for the soul, cheers us up and makes everything seem that much more manageable. The change of seasons also makes us want to update our dreary wardrobes. I thought I would help my readers by sharing top tips on where to shop for women’s fashion for Spring. There’s a lot of choice on the High Street and online when it comes to women’s clothing so I hope to reduce that sense of overwhelm when there are so many diverse choices out there.

where to shop for women's fashion

Where to shop for women’s fashion for Spring

As you spring into action to revive your outfits, consider this is a great time to try something new. Just because you have always shopped in the same old places or on the same websites doesn’t mean you need to get stuck in that rut. Be inspired by the fashion items on daytime television programmes but also you your own research into lesser known companies that deserve your custom and have fantastic offers. If you do that you will also avoid the embarrassment when you go to an event only to see other women in exactly the same look.

Get your legs out!

Spring is the time when you can emerge from jeans and leggings and actually get your legs out. That can feel so liberating. There is no age barrier to this seasonal rite of passage either. If you are not happy showing a lot of leg, choose a longer length skirt or dress. Feeling the air and sun on your skin is a luxury we don’t get often enough in this country so seize the day. Whilst you are shopping for skirts and dresses for women don’t forget to invest in some amazing footwear for warmer weather and spring activities. Again, you can choose a supermarket or your regular fashion store but check out some new places online too.

Establish your budget for fashion for Spring

It’s very easy to get a little over-excited when shopping for Spring fashions. It is vital you set a budget in advance of going shopping to avoid over-spending or getting into unnecessary debt. Think about what you can realistically afford and stick to that. It reduces stress in the longer term. Make the most of any sales or special offers. Having said all this about watching the pennies, sometimes it really is worth investing a little more money in a high-end classic item that will stand the test of time. Also look out for items that you can use across the seasons as these are money-savers in their own right. One sad but true fact is that you will save money by keeping out of the stores that really are outside your budget at the time. So if you have a lot of cash available go for luxury and if not head for the more affordable outlets.

How to avoid overwhelm

You can take a step-by-step approach when it comes to where to shop for women’s fashion for Spring. You can start by going to a store that has staples that every wardrobe needs. I would encourage you to get your underwear and lingerie right as this helps your entire outfit look so much better. Nobody will object to someone saying they are well-groomed after all. Taking a friend or family member with you is helpful as they will encourage you to take breaks for a coffee and cake when it is all getting too much. They can also tell you honestly if you look good in a certain item.

Reflect the season of Spring

Out of all the seasons, Spring is perhaps the one where you can reflect the joys of that time of year in your fashion most. Indulge in some floral prints and some bright colours. You are wonderful and don’t need to fade into the background whatever your age or size. Our moods lighten with all that amazing Vitamin D in Spring and our clothing should also be light. Avoid thick fabrics that will end up making you feel so uncomfortable when a day suddenly turns hot. Choose breathable materials and vibrant colours. My favourites are pink or orange. This is a playful season so mix things up with cool accessories such as silk scarves, bags, hats and necklaces. You can get some wonderful ideas by browsing the charity shops and help a good cause at the same time.

Are you ready to update your Spring wardrobe?






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