Papercut projects for homeschoolers

I remember the first time I worked out my only daughter was going to be creative. We were at a birthday party for a friend of my son’s and my daughter threw a tantrum. I was still relatively new to the parenting gig and was at a loss as to what to do. A mum friend gave my daughter some paper and crayons. My daughter calmed down immediately and drew a picture which I still have to this day. She used all the colours and her journey into art and design began.

Papercut projects

I think I used to be like my daughter but then hit school where you had to do art in a certain way. Free expression was not really encouraged. Recently I have seen some fabulous magazines that really want me to try the things my daughter already does. These include making cards and creating awesome scrapbooks. In fact, I remember when I was planning my wedding and at other key moments in my life I have had a go at scrapbooking. I also have a confession to make about making a scrapbook for the Queen’s Jubilee for my son as he did not want to do it. He ended up getting a prize for it!

Papercut options

I think part of the reason I don’t do as much crafting as I should is because I don’t always understand the terminology. Take the term “papercutting” as an example. I convince myself this must be something really complex and don’t have a go. I think so many of us are guilty of talking ourselves out of things and we really do need to stop that. I hope this lockdown encourages some of us to pursue old or new passions and to give up on that negative self-talk.

This particular art form means you cut paper with sharp scissors or a knife. In a similar way to the Sewing Bee programme on the television where the participants reveal themselves by the material they choose, you can express yourself by the paper you choose. This creative enterprise has a long history going back to the 4th century and starting pretty much as soon as paper was discovered. It was used for religious adornments, for stencils and for embroidery patterns.

Home school projects

With so many people homeschooling for the very first time, parents can check out tools in the cricut design space for inspiration. Not only do cricuts cut but depending on the model you can also draw, emboss and create folding lines to make 3D projects, greeting cards and boxes. You may like to check out the Brother scan and cut and be quite amazed at just what it can do.

Scalable Vector Graphics

The more you look into this stuff the more exciting it gets. How wonderful that you can scale your graphics to different sizes without reducing the quality. Simply download them and use your digital cutting machine to create stunning projects that will impress your family and friends. Even whilst we are socially isolating and perhaps especially now, you can jump on a video call and cheer people up with a card showing them how much you miss them and how much you love them. Your SVG file can also be used to make tote bags, mugs and more.

The time to craft is now

A lot of us have time on our hands. Now is the very moment to find out what we are capable of as individuals and families. I encourage you to discover the joys of crafting and to use paper crafts to make lovely things for those you love most of all.

Papercut Projects







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