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You find me lounging on the bed with sunshine outside my window. Birds are chirruping away. I can hear songs from downstairs as my brother gives piano and singing lessons. I cannot smell anything in particular although that will change later when I pamper myself with my Bronnley Luxury Toiletries sent for review. I love going to bed smelling lovely and lotions and potions make my skin feel great. I do not usually have the time for such things or perhaps I do not make the time. Lockdown is changing me in so many ways. In a world where there are so many deaths and challenges right now, it is vital to count our blessings if we have them. Yes, I have just heard that our car has broken down but in the grand scheme of things this is a relatively small problem with all the family alive and well.

My mood this week

On the whole I am happy this week. There are some days where I feel positively upbeat. The weather helps and I am in a safe home with people who love me. Any tensions here dissipate so quickly as we are all on the same side. Occasionally I get the odd anxious moment with all the uncertainty about what the future holds and when I will see the rest of my family again. Then I have a word with myself and just focus on the day I have. 24 hours at a time works for me.  When I get wobbly, I tap into Emma Kenny’s Live Clinics. I like how she will deal with whatever questions people pose and with a straightforward and humorous approach when appropriate.

A typical day in lockdown

I tend to have a lie-in. I come downstairs and chat with my brother. When he starts his singing lessons, I go upstairs to amuse myself with reading, blogging and researching things that interest me. My day also involves quality time with my oldest lad walking and watching Netflix. I am enjoying listening to his rants on political matters. He is not without opinions or passion and that pleases me immensely. There are usually more chats with my brother later in the day as we share our memories of family and other loved ones. We smile at each others foibles. I think my parents would love the idea of us being together in these testing times. I write a to-do list every night just to maintain some structure. Today’s best task was baking a scrumptious chocolate cake having finally found some bakeware in Morrison’s supermarket the other day. Thanks largely to the amazing generosity of my brother I continue to eat amazing meals and to sleep well.


There is something exciting about parcels arriving at any time but even more so now. My brother got a crate of wine delivered with Italian wines of the red and white variety. We were surprised and thrilled to find they had included tri-colour pasta, amarreti biscuits and toppings for bruschetta. I am also over the moon that I spelled those things right first time!

I am expecting some shoes and some bakeware soon for review purposes. I also have new deck shoes in a rose pink which are a bit glittery. They are a bit too big but I am coping. My son’s new shoes and my jacket are delayed but I can live with that. We are not living in normal times.

A book about relationships that someone recommended arrived via Amazon  today. Hopefully, I will learn from that. I also have Girl Gone Greek by Rebecca A Hall and Sea of Thieves – Athena’s Fortune. The last one is my son’s but he sent it with me when we believed I would only be over here for a week. He asked if I was reading it and to be honest it is quite good fun to escape into another world of pirates. It certainly beats listening to the sad news all the time.

Contact with family

This is improving now my phone is all sorted. My younger son likes to WhatsApp. My daughter emails me from time to time and called last night. My husband seems more comfy with text than emails. Whatever works just to know they are all keeping well and as happy as possible at this weird time in our lives.

Tonight’s plans

Friday night means we actually get some soaps and I am looking forward to see that rotter Geoff in Coronation Street get his comeuppance. Such a distressing story line but will hopefully make a lot of people sit up and take notice and help those who suffer in silence. We are having fish and chips for tea and I still have my walk to do with my son. My brother has promised to regale me with some stories about my late brother and I might partake in a glass of wine seeing as it is Friday.

What are you happy about this week?


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