The 3 Keys To Calm

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As parents, we all get into certain bad habits that can be hard to get out of. We find ourselves on the treadmill of life, and therefore when there is just so much pressure in our day-to-day lives, we do not have the opportunity to actually stop and evaluate the situation. For many parents, that feeling of tension due to rushing around and having to get everything done is something that anybody can empathise with. So what is the solution to this? It is, arguably, all about learning to be calm. What does it really take to learn how to be calm in any situation?

Healthy Eating

It might be a surprise, but eating healthily is one of the more effective ways of dealing with stress. Stress can trigger an increase in our blood sugar, so ensuring that we eat well to stabilise blood sugar is going to balance hormones and can help us to train our minds to be calm. You know what it feels like when you are really hangry, because everything goes out of whack, and this is when stress is going to attack you the most. Thinking about having a good quality breakfast that doesn’t have stressors such as caffeine or sugar. You can use this as a way to ingest good quality fats through MCT oil, but you could also try CBD. CBD comes in different forms, such as CBD ingestibles and tinctures that can make a big difference.

Mindfulness or Breathing Exercises

It’s something that people keep talking about, but why is it so effective? When you focus on being mindful, you start to focus on the present moment, which includes your thoughts and your feelings. When you start to connect the mind and the body together, it’s a fantastic way to start slowing down any racing thoughts and actually help you focus on your current task. When you start to stray away from concerns about the past or the future and just focus on the now, this helps bring a huge sense of clarity. Additionally, deep breathing is something that’s really effective because it helps you to gain control over your parasympathetic nervous system, which is what stimulates the rest and digest response. When you start to breathe deeply and get into the habit of doing this until it becomes an automatic response, you should be going to see a difference. The important thing is to remember that when you are in these situations, start breathing deeper.

Focus on Your Posture

Something that might be incredibly surprising, but when you are faced with stressful situations that you’ve got to tackle head-on, one of the most important things you can do is to stick out your chest, stand tall, and have open body language. The power of body language is so important, not just for those things you are up against, but for yourself. Having a more confident posture means that you are subtly retraining your brain to become more confident over time. When you are more confident, you are feeling calmer.


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