How to market your business online

A few businesses have thrived as a direct result of the global pandemic. Imagine if you run a video-calling company. You would be one of the winners in the business world of the last few months. However, many businesses have even had to shut their doors as a result of Coronavirus. Non-essential shops and hospitality venues have closed down or found themselves struggling to make ends meet. It’s vital that if you are in business, you check out how to market your business online.

Build A Website

Although social media is powerful, people still like the credibility that a company website provides. An attractive website like can help you reassure long-standing customers and attract new ones. Potential buyers can check out facts without having to speak to you direct and can access that information 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Hyperlinks such as can take customers direct to attractive images of your products.

Connect with customers

It’s always important to connect in an authentic way with customers. It is OK and perhaps helps to let them know how you are feeling about the global pandemic and how your business is adapting to the new normal. You might do this via email or social media updates. Be honest and also consider how they are feeling and how you might help them most. Humour can be powerful as can any reference to memories from yesteryear.

Special promotions

A lot of people are struggling for money at the moment. Discounts and special offers are always exciting and capture attention. You could offer a special deal for customers who buy more than one product. Perhaps you will give a discount if the customer pays straightaway which will improve your cashflow. Just ensure any promotions are not going to lead to an adverse impact on your business.


People do love to get something for nothing so giveaways are always popular. Many online bloggers show exactly how to use giveaways very effectively. You get multiple entries by sharing information about a product or service on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Some giveaways ask entrants to come up with promotional text about a product or even a poem. Good giveaways encourage participants to share the competition with their friends and social media audiences. Giveaways can build up real momentum fast generating some very effective advertising for your business. When you announce the winner, try and get them to share a picture of them with your product for additional promotional impact.

Discover more about digital marketing

Digital marketing is the way forward and cannot be neglected in the 21st century. You can learn more about Facebook advertising, pay per click and search engine optimization. Knowing about these things and implementing good digital strategies can help to keep your business afloat in challenging times. Don’t be put off by words and phrases that are new to you. Although you can engage experts, it is really possible to work out how to market your business online effectively yourself.






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