5 top tips on buying the best products and services

We all work hard for our money and don’t want it to go to waste. Many people are struggling financially though life changes or the adverse impact of the global pandemic on the economy. When we spend our cash we like to think we are getting value for money. It is very stressful when we find the things we buy are damaged, unsafe or not fit for purpose.  This post shares 5 top tips on buying the best products and services.

Make time for research

Buying things on a whim can be huge fun but rarely ends well for us. It is better to give over solid time for researching the best products and services so that you know they will stand the test of time and prove fit for purpose. Sometimes browsing the Internet can see you striking lucky and finding you learn more that way about selecting a product for yourself or a loved one.


It’s often helpful to look at the website of an organisation that represents a particular industry such as Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada or similar. They can give a helpful overview an if you want to purchase from is a part of a membership body, it does suggest they have a degree of credibility. We will discuss your personal networks below.


It’s a relatively new way to find out about the best things on the market but blogs are well worth checking out for their recommendations where you are on the hunt for the best mortgage crm or the latest toy sensation for your child. The funny thing is that blogs also vary in terms of quality and trustworthiness so you might want to check out that they are members of a reputable blogging network.

Ask friends and family

You will have a good idea of the family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues you trust most. It is always worth asking for their recommendations. For example, when I first became a mum, I learned so many tips about good items for my new baby from a mum of 2 in the maternity ward. Of course, your family and friends may not have the same circumstances or budget as you do but they can often offer valuable input all the same. If you are new to a particular area, you can join the local Facebook group where people often share their opinions quite freely about the best shops and tradespeople locally.

Friends of consumers

When it comes to testing, reviews and advice on products on services, you may wish to subscribe to the long-established Which service. It’s also worth seeing how Trading Standards may be able to help you should things go wrong with your purchase. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau offers free advice on the whole range of consumer issues. They can tell you the actions you can take should you be dissatisfied with your purchase.

What is your next big purchase? How will you ensure you make the right decision?


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