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6 Great Tips For Travelling On A Budget

Travelling has many benefits worth considering. For starters, it’s an effective way to eliminate the stress you’ve accumulated as part of your daily routines. It also keeps your physical health in top shape and boosts your mental health. You also experience the joys of learning about diverse cultures and meeting new friends. Research by Cornell University also reveals that spending money on experiences like travel makes you happier and more content than purchasing material things. It’s no wonder that approximately 50% of Brits desire a holiday in 2022, and over £40 billion will likely be spent on these trips. Despite these, it’s not uncommon for travel costs to soar. However, you can enjoy a good getaway without straining your finances. That said, here are six great tips for travelling on a budget. 

  • Make solid travel plans 

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While it may seem tempting to wing it and enjoy travel experiences as they come, it may affect your bank account. You may end up worrying about your finances after the travel, defeating the purpose of relieving stress and anxiety. Therefore, it becomes imperative to plan before you embark on your travels. With effective planning, you can effectively budget for all travel aspects. Moreover, you can easily check out the best flight and accommodation deals to help you cut costs. It’s also a good way to save time and get the best experiences on a limited budget. Likewise, it keeps you from impulsive spending, which can take a toll on your money. Therefore, you want to create a travel plan if you haven’t already. 

While it may seem daunting, creating a plan isn’t stressful with the right steps. You can begin by researching flights and accommodation options to get the best deals for less. Also, you don’t have to eat at fancy restaurants or buy stuff at high-end malls. You can research the best affordable local food joints and markets to enjoy the same benefits for less. This way, you wouldn’t be stuck and spend at expensive places. 

  • Don’t be captivated by tourist traps 

Tourist traps refer to destinations that attract tourists and where things are more expensive than normal. Admittedly, you may desire to visit iconic places to get the experience. However, you may find out that it isn’t worth the hype. Not only will you spend more than is necessary, but you may not get the experience that you envisioned. According to Buzzfeed, many travellers revealed that several destinations are the worst tourist traps, and avoiding them may be the best option to cut significant travel costs. Fortunately, you can achieve this without feeling that you’re missing out on good experiences. 

Experts advise that you interact with locals for suggestions of the best places in their areas to visit. For instance, you’ll find it helpful to sit in cafes where locals frequent and communicate with them. Also, try getting recommendations from taxi drivers and doormen, and ensure they lead you to places where locals hang out. As a tip, walk far from hyped tourist destinations and explore random locations. You’d be surprised at the amazing memories you can make in these unchartered territories. 

  • Take advantage of off-seasons 

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If you need to visit iconic destinations, you can make it work and still spare your finances. You can take advantage of off-seasons to get the same experiences for fewer costs. For starters, you get a cheaper yet decent flight and accommodation deals. What’s more, you can enjoy gourmet dishes at relatively cheaper prices, as fewer tourists visit the area at that time of the year. You also don’t have to deal with tourist crowds and their accompanying stress levels. You’ll also find that several attractions are available, and you don’t have to stand in long lines to enjoy the experiences. Therefore, you should consider off-season travels if you haven’t already. 

You can achieve this by researching the months that people mostly visit your favourite destinations. This way, you can avoid travelling during those times. Weather conditions also influence peak and off-seasons, so you want to ensure that you’re not going when the weather is fickle. However, the weather conditions don’t have to stop you from having fun, as you can get creative. For instance, if your favourite destination peaks in summer due to its lakes, you can enjoy a fun Christmas winter by engaging in other activities. 

  • Leverage discounts 

Travel on a budget aims to cut costs and save more. And what better way to do this than to leverage discounts? Fortunately, you can get travel discounts through various means, and understanding how they work will prove helpful. For instance, many international discount rates exist, so you can research them. Also, sleeper journeys with overnight flights or sleeper trains can help you avoid the costs of renting hotels and time waste when travelling, so keep this in mind. Likewise, knowing the right time to book your flights and hotels can help you get the best discounts. According to Bookmundi, flight and hotel prices are slashed around 6 to 8 weeks before departure, so keep this in mind. 

Experts also advise that you book accommodation directly from the hotel’s website. This is because they pay commissions to third-party sites, and contacting them directly will help them save more. Therefore, you will likely get a better rate or discounts from them. You also want to visit sites like to get the best discount deals. 

  • Travel insurance is key 

The UK’s Commonwealth, Foreign and Development office urges Brits to acquire travel insurance for good reasons. First, your medical bills and other emergency assistance will be sorted if you become ill during travel. Moreover, you can rest in knowing that all costs regarding your luggage and personal items will be covered in the event of damage. Additionally, you can benefit from cancellation and accident cover and legal expenses, so keep this in mind. Therefore, you want to purchase your travel insurance if you haven’t already. 

To get started, determine your travel needs before purchasing a travel insurance package. For instance, single trip insurance is ideal for one trip, while annual options are best suited for frequent travelling. Likewise, ensure that your policy can cover important aspects like medical expenses, cancellation covers, etc. As a tip, utilise travel insurance comparison sites to determine the best insurance providers. 

  • Don’t pack things you wouldn’t use 


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Research indicated that British travellers spend over half a billion pounds due to excess baggage charges and poor packing habits. Moreover, 83% of travellers admitted not using extra items they paid for during travels. While it’s tempting to pack enough to avoid forgetting valuable items, you can quickly go overboard. This can cause you to spend more than necessary on transportation costs. Moreover, you’ll face the stress of moving heavy luggage around, preventing you from fully enjoying the travel experience. Therefore, you’ll find it helpful to travel light, so keep this in mind. 

It’s prudent to create a packing list to ensure that you pack only the most important items. Also, travelling with a smaller bag can prevent you from being compelled to overpack. As a tip, weigh your luggage before leaving for the airport to prevent unplanned luggage fees. Regarding clothing, pack clothes you can mix and match to create different outfits with fewer clothes. Also, choose sandals and other shoe pairs that can match any outfit. Again, researching your destination helps prevent packing clothes you don’t need, so keep this in mind. 

Travelling on a budget helps you enjoy the full benefits without incurring significant costs. Hopefully, you’ll leverage these tips for the best results. 


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