Changing Seasons

When the seasons change, your wardrobe has to do likewise. You need access to suitable clothes for the weather and trends of the season, without cluttering your wardrobe with unnecessary items tha obscure what you’re really looking for.

The transition from summer to winter to is easy enough in theory: light dresses, swimwear and other summer essentials are packed away and you get out, air and press then hang your winter essentials like thick dresses, jumpers and sweaters and onesies. You might also switch to a organic skin care and makeup routine to help out your skin in the new weather. That’s in theory. In practice autumn and spring are awkward crossover times, when the weather and temperature vary wildly and it’s hard to judge what the correct outfit might be. Putting all your summer clothes into storage on the 31st of August is going to leave stuck for options if the autumn is a warm one.

Changing Seasons

The art of facing the changing seasons with your wardrobe is one it’s tough to acquire and that’s why we’re putting it under the microscope today.

All Weather Clothes

The first key to successful season change is keeping a core of clothes that can work for you at any time of year. A few sweaters or cardigans in luxury cashmere are stylish insulation on the coldest days of winter and a useful wrap around your shoulders on a long, warm summer night. A smart pair of jeans is a good foundation for an outfit on any but the very hottest of days and most formal of occasions.

This core of round the year clothes will give you options on those difficult days when the weather itself doesn’t seem to know the season. The one thing you should always ensure for yourself is options. For your clothing choices to be expressive of your style, and empowering they need to be choices, not the only thing you have available!

Phasing Out

Work out a plan for putting things into storage – whatever that storage solution is. A different wardrobe in a spare room, vacuum packed and put under your bed, you have lots of options, just take care that your clothes remain dry while they’re stored.

When you know your last holiday of the year has past you can dispense with clothes you’d only wear in extreme heat: this accounts for your first set of packed clothing. Identify the clothes you’ll wear less as the weather gets colder, and set a date to put them into storage too.

This phased withdrawal helps you to manage the change of seasons without restricting your choices, and leaves you able to cut a bold and distinctive figure 365 days a year.

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    lol! Lisa! I’m also a mess! I also wear the same clothes all year round too. I actually wear summer clothes in winter and then I just chuck on a few sweaters on top. As I get hot easily it is just easier for me to take the sweaters off. I do like the idea of owning a cashmere though. Never seem to have enough money to spend on this luxury. lol!

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

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