Environmentally Friendly Event Giveaways
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Environmentally Friendly Event Giveaways

Rightly so, the environment is more of a primary concern now more than ever! Everybody including consumers and businesses should be considering how earth friendly their choices are currently and how they can make them even greener! This post is about environmentally friendly event giveaways.

As part of your brand’s ethos or CSR, you may want to review the type of promotional merchandise you offer and the impact it has on the environment. Fortunately, there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives to ensure that you are limiting your impact on the environment and helping your potential customers do the same.

Eco- Friendly Materials

Choosing products made from recycled or recyclable materials is another way to reduce your impact on the environment. Products made from organic alternatives, such as cotton t-shirts or totes can help you to grow your brand without harming the world around you. You can even positively contribute through even more environmentally-friendly event giveaways, such as living pouches so that your customers can grow their own herbs or flowers.

Reusable Products

A fantastic way to be more environmentally friendly at your next conference or event is to offer reusable products. Reusable drinkware such as water bottles, coffee cups and flasks are useful giveaways for your event attendees while also helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste sent to landfill. Tote Bags and shoppers are an extremely popular and appreciated event freebie since the 5p charge came into all supermarkets, now your chosen item can save your attendees money at the same time as saving the planet!

Useful Products

Finally, one of the best ways to make sure your giveaway is eco-friendly is to offer something that is truly useful, rather than just novel. Items like pens, power banks and notepads are used for months or even years. This way you ensure that you are not creating unnecessary products that will be thrown away after events and that your brand is associated with an everyday and valued item.

Do you have any ideas for environmentally friendly event giveaways?

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