Working conditions around the world

What are working conditions like around the world? Do we get a good deal in the United Kingdom?

I like to think that workers should get good rights as they bring their time and talent to support business which in turn supports the country’s economy. To be honest, I was surprised to find that the UK rates quite positively when it comes to rights for employees.

I don’t remember the rights of employees being covered at school which is a bit daft considering we spend so much of our adult lives in the workplace. I studied employment law at university so am probably that bit better informed but there are still areas that confuse me and of course, laws do have a habit of changing.

I do remember accepting a job offer and then discovering I was pregnant with my third child. My boss did everything he could to wriggle out of me starting the job when he found out I was expecting. He could not retract the offer legally but spent the next couple of years bullying me and I think that went back to him believing I knew I was with child when I applied for the job.

I thought out of the countries featured below, Sweden would have the best conditions. That is not quite the case.

I was surprised to find that working hours are less in Germany than in the UK.

I would love to know why in South Africa the minimum wage depends on what type of job your do. I am trying to work out whether that is a good or a bad thing.

The truth is most of us check out our rights when we need them. I urge you to check out your working conditions in detail in advance because life events like pregnancy and ill health do have a habit of turning up out of the blue.

Working Conditions Around The World


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