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How To Break An Unhealthy Addiction

Have you got an addiction that’s causing you harm? This could include anything from alcohol to gambling to overeating to video games. Realising that you’ve got an addiction is the first healthy step to overcoming it. Here’s how you can go about successfully breaking your addiction, allowing you to live a healthier lifestyle.


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Surround yourself with people that support you

The first stage to overcoming an addiction is to surround yourself with people that are also committed to helping you change. Friends that share your addiction may try to sway you to break it, telling you that you’re being boring or that you’re making a big deal out of nothing. You don’t want to be surrounding yourself with these people when trying to break your addiction. Your true friends will support you whatever your choice may be – these are the people you want to have around you as they will spur you on to succeed.

Take up a healthy addiction in its place

An addiction can take up so much of your life and can cause a sense of emptiness when it’s gone. The key to filling this emptiness could be to take up a healthier habit in it’s place. For example, you could start chewing gum instead of smoking. Ideally you want to find a habit that gives you a similar sense of comfort. If you’re addicted to video games and miss the competitive drive of beating your score, consider getting into exercise and using a fitness app to beat your own physical scores such as running longer distances or using the exercise bike for longer periods each time.

Remove temptations

Sometimes the best way to overcome an addiction is to place yourself somewhere in which you can’t get to your source of addiction. If you’re an alcoholic, this could include getting rid of all alcohol from your home and meeting friends in coffee bars rather than pubs. If you’re addicted to social media, you could consider deleting apps from your phone or even disabling your wi-fi for a few hours every evening. If you find that you still go out of your way to seek these temptations, you may be better off booking yourself into a rehab clinic. This will force you to go cold turkey and give your body and mind the time it needs to fight the addiction.

Consider counselling

If you feel like you’re facing your addiction alone and no-one can relate, it could be worth seeking counselling. Even having someone to vent your problems to could be beneficial. There may even be specialist counsellors that deal with your particular addiction or group therapy sessions and support networks.

Record your progress

Seeing how far you’ve come can often motivate you to keep going. Recording the amount of days you’ve gone without a relapse could help you to stay on course. You could even create a blog or tick off days on a calendar.

How To Break An Unhealthy Addiction

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