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How to stay safe & well in public spaces

Everyday activities, whatever they may be, include a degree of risk to personal safety. Whether you are driving to work or crossing the street, either through crime or circumstance, incidents can occur in an unpredictable way. Although you can’t avoid risk, it is best to take precautions. From taking measure to ensure your safety to advice on seeking experts for when an incident does occur, below are a few ways you can stay safe and well in public spaces. But we before start, we would like to mention one thing, that as you know the holiday season is approaching and travelers from all around the globe would be making their ways to the beachy spots. Phuket at this time is considered one of the most visited places due to its amazing beaches. But, before you plan to go there, you must keep one thing in mind that Pickpockets are common on beaches and bars in Phuket so you make sure to take all the safety precautions while visiting there.

Stay aware of your surroundings and be prepared

You can go as far as preparing a safety plan in case of different kinds of emergency situations. The most common way is by making sure you can an emergency contact with you at all cost, whether this is the contact details of co-workers, friends or family members. Your emergency contact can prove extremely useful in case of accidents or natural disasters.

You also need to stay aware of any hazards which may be in the area, including the possibility of slipping or tripping, perhaps in a supermarket or a restaurant. In cases where an accident occurs, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury. You can learn more about this on the-compensation-experts.co.uk.

Another important way to stay aware of your surroundings is if you are driving and have parked your car, ensure that you check inside the car before getting in. Alternatively, park in well-lit areas. It is advised not to pick up hitchhikers, and in the event that your car gets stranded or break down during your travels, make sure you have the contact details of a car repair company or a family member close by who may be able to pick you up.

Furthermore, keep your house keys separate from your bag, so if it does get stolen, you can still get to your house and report the incident afterward.

Stick to well-lit areas

You may occasionally need to walk home or to get to your car in the dark but ensure that you keep to the inside of the sidewalk, where there are people around and where it is well-lit. Don’t take shortcuts and cut through parks or alleyways. If you’re in doubt and the walk is quite long, always trust your instincts and consider taking a taxi. If you do so, make sure to message someone your whereabouts in case of emergencies.

Trust your instincts

When you are out and about by yourself, always be aware of your surroundings. It means removing your headphones so you can hear everything. If ever in doubt, trust your instincts. If something doesn’t sit right with you, do your best to remove yourself from the situation. Sometimes our subconscious is far more aware of the situation before our thoughts come up, so if something doesn’t feel right, act on it.

It will be inevitable that work and school can lead to returning home late into the night, but there are many ways you can keep yourself safe when it’s dark. By staying aware of your surroundings and trusting your instinct, ensuring that you are prepared in case of emergencies can help you feel at ease when you are out by yourself and more prepared if a situation does arise.


How To Stay Safe And Well In Public Spaces

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