We recently received a Mathable Junior game to review.

I love playing board games with the children and especially at Christmas. They bring families together for love, laughter and learning.

Mathable Junior is about mathematics and is approved by Carol Vorderman, she of Countdown and Loose Women fame.

The game includes a double-sided gaming board to allow you to play the game in two ways. Two for the price of one – we like that.

The look of the game reminded us of Scrabble in that 4 racks and numbered tiles.

Two to four players sit around a table with a rack and collect 5 tiles and keep them to themselves, again very reminiscent of Scrabble but with numbers.

The aim of the game is to get rid of your tiles by putting down sums of addition or subtraction. You start at the centre like in Scrabble and get points for the amount on the tile. So if you play a 4, you get 4 points and so on. You can play strategically to get double scores again very like in Scrabble.

You win by having the most points when all the tiles are played.

There is another game you can play on the other side of the board, again building up your maths skills.

We liked the game. It is attractively packaged with colours and caricatures. It took us a little while to figure out the rules of the game but that is usual with new games. For me, it is fabulous that it is educational and all of my children enjoyed playing it. It is aimed at ages 5 and over.