What film characters inspire you?

They say you should never ask a question that you cannot answer honestly yourself. The film that springs to my mind is Erin Brockovich played by Julie Roberts (who I used to think I had a look of until I did a celeb lookalike thing and it came up with Minnie Driver. I know. I sometimes think ridiculously big and why not?


So why do I rate Erin?

Well with a background in Law, that side of the film made me watch the film. When I intended to be a barrister or solicitor I always wanted to be one who would fight miscarriages of justice.

Erin has a mouth on her and I do like it when women speak up.

She has the guts to ask for a job and sometimes it is so true that if you ask, you receive. The problem is most of us don’t operate like that most of the time and then wonder why we are disappointed with things.

Erin is a risk-taker and that side of her appeals to me.

She has passion and I know that passion has the power to persuade.

She is cynical enough to question things – also a good trait in my view particularly when dealing with authorities.

It all comes right for her in the end – happy days!

So what film characters inspire you?

This is my question for you this week and as usual if you want to blog about the question or about any way that you are changing your life proactively, please do link up and I will promote your post via social media.

Mums are very good at inspiring each other and we need to commit more time to that as it moves mountains.

Julie or Minnie? Minnie or Julia?


My son says both are wrong and this one has a look of me.


When my dear Dad saw my boudoir pictures (the tamer ones) he said I looked like a real film star.


So tell me which film character inspires you and if you like which one you think you look like.

Today is a cheerful day.


1. I got a lie-in as Him Indoors is on late shift today so he could do family stuff until I decided to bid farewell to the duvet.

2. I managed to feed the children altogether at breakfast time. This very rarely happens due to their differing tastes and their unwillingness to eat together sometimes. My youngest son is of the view that the other two children’s eating styles are disgusting.

3. I fixed a technology issue that was proving troublesome.

4. I contributed some ideas to some special people.

5. I had email contact with a very lovely friend and we always have a giggle too.

6. I feel on top of things.

7. I have enjoyed cuddles with cats.

8. I have had a walk in the sunshine.

9. I have seen the nurse who says my blood pressure is superb and that my weight loss is amazing. That made an already cheerful day even better.

10. I sat in the garden and had a drink whilst my son enjoyed a snack.

11. Quite by accident we met a fellow home educator and joined the Wildlife Trusts.

12. Him Indoors won’t be back until later which means I will get an evening in charge of the remote control and doing my own thing.

13. I feel confident, sassy, chatty and positive about the present and the future.

Now that makes for a very cheerful day.

There is lots to smile about this week. I am positively full of happy thoughts.


1. After a disappointing Mothering Sunday, the family went into overdrive to make it up to me so there were flowers, cards, treats and new clothes.

2. I can now see a real difference on the weight loss front and so can other people. I am on track to look reasonable by the end of June and positively wonderful by December.

3. My son has tidied his room even under the bed!

4. My daughter says she is happy because she is full of random awesomeness!

5. Him Indoors has had a pay rise – the only one in his team to do so.

6. I have tried assertiveness with good effect.

7. I have new and very funky purple microwave.

8. We had such giggles as we all tried to stand in our odd socks in a box to mark World Downs Syndrome Day.

9. I had a charity shop raid coming out with good books and a very “mutton dressed as lamb” biker jacket with stud detailing.

10. Home education seemed to turn another positive corner with my son enjoying a literacy exercise.

11. There was an Eclipse and the world has not ended which is great because I am starting to love this life business.

What are your happy thoughts today?

This is my happy hour for mum where I consider all the good things in my life.

My first reason is that it seemed to take ages to get to today and I kept wanting to report cheerful things.

1. My husband is tackling DIY jobs with varying amounts of success but they are being tackled. He has also had blood tests and will be seeing the GP soon for the results. He also says he is going to access counselling. I certainly feel that redundancy from way back in October 2013 still casts its long shadow.

2. Although I was disappointed to see the grades predicted for my teenage son in his progress review from school, I suspect some of these are more to do with they system than my son. I fail to see how someone in top set can be predicted a D or E for example. I will be letting him continue at school but ensuring he gets a lot of input from me too to reassure myself. I am also going to really push to get him a diagnosis. School spotted issues at 5 and now he is 14 and we still seem not very much further forward. Anyway back to the positives, my real worries about whether he was doing homework enough seem to have been unfounded. He wants to go into acting, Law or politics.

3. My daughter continues to express such creativity in songs, script-writing and movie-making. She has very big passions and intends to set up an abstract arts business.

4. My youngest son did some positive work on coding this week. He tells me he sees his future in technology.

5. A kind mum has offered me lifts to home education groups so I have no excuses now.

6. Have a networking and lunch day in London tomorrow.

7. I am at the Savoy on Sunday.

8. Weight and inches loss continues and I am starting to make positive swaps for the children too. Food swaps – definitely don’t want to swap my lovelies.

9. Had fun with clothes for first time in years.

10. Have enjoyed some long lie-ins followed by late nights. A pattern that suits me.

A great week and lots of scary excitement ahead.

When will you have a happy hour?

Let’s celebrate the good stuff! Why am I full of good cheer?

1. I have lost 39 pounds in just 3 months despite this treat at the weekend.


2. I have relaxed a bit about home-schooling. This has resulted in me seeing how the deschooling thing works as the children come up with their own ideas for learning. I am starting to see that video games can teach a lot about language and strategic thinking. My daughter is very keen on writing scripts, songs and stories. She loves Scratch and nearly always makes a video during the day too I am going to return to other forms of learning after Half-Term but I think we have all enjoyed easing up a bit.

3. My teen son is on Half-Term which gives time for some good chats.

4. We had our best Valentine’s Day ever. I cooked for Him Indoors which is a relatively rare event these days. We had chilli con carne (thank you Hairy Bikers!) and the most glorious chocolate and espresso mousse. I was treated to a very pricey perfume, flowers and a card. I got himself a card and a gold tiger thing which I was relieved he liked as it was a bit of a risk.


5. I have had some lovely long lie-ins.

6. As ever when challenges strike, I have had such a lovely response from online friends.

7. Him Indoors did the Pancake Day thing for the children.

8. We also marked Chinese New Year with a special meal and fun watching the EastEnders Live episode.

7. I still need to get to a home education group. I know. I am pathetic. On the other hand, I have arranged to meet a friend, have a London event next week followed by a trip to the Savoy and then some time up in Yorkshire with family at Easter.