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The Best Bits Of BritMums Live

What are the best bits of BritMums Live? Yesterday I told you all the worst bits of my BritMums Live weekend so here goes with the really good stuff in no particular order. 1. I got a night away with Him Indoors whilst the little darlings went to stay with my step-daughter. 

How To Be On Trend – Groovy Mums

How do I start a post when I am still a little in shock from yesterday's events? For those who missed it, we held a Twitter party using the hashtag #groovymums.  If you are a #groovymums you are officially on trend according to Twitter. The original idea was to acknowledge that the

I’m A Celebrity Blog Fun

Having set up this bit of fun yesterday, one of the people I tagged who is Caroline at has challenged me to answer the questions myself. So here goes and this is what I have to do. 1) Answer the 10 questions and consider the mission. 2) Tag a

Question Time – 10 Things You Want To Know About Me

The rather wonderful Caroline Flack who blogs anonymously as MishMashMum has tagged me asking 10 deep and meaningful questions. She tells me these are the rules of the game. 1) Answer the 10 questions 2) Tag someone to do the same 3) Come back to my original blog post and comment that you have

Listography – Top 5 Search Engine Terms

Welcome to a Listography where we don't have to think. This is great news as last week was a tough challenge thinking up 5 dates never mind 5 disastrous ones at that. 1. Halloween Carrot Cupcakes - I guess from this we can take it that I have

Inspirational People – The Gallery

The Gallery theme this week is Inspirational People. Who has inspired me? There is the teacher at school who did not have a television and challenged my thinking. There is the solicitor who fought miscarriages of justice. There is the lovely Freddie Mercury who I admire for his creativity and his willingness to live

Making a fresh start on the blog

I am making a fresh start on the blog. It is prettier than the Blogger one and I have had enough of Blogger playing up in little annoying ways like going all dark or not letting people leave comments. It is also two years tomorrow since my Mum passed away.  The old

Sweet sixteen?

Sweet sixteen is a distant memory for me but I do remember my Mum telling me I should go on the pill immediately. Strange birthday present was my thought. I had no intention of having sex quite possibly ever and certainly not any time soon. My oldest son turns 16 tomorrow.

Nursery education campaign

What does nursery education mean to you? What did your little one learn at nursery today? I remember nursery as a really positive thing personally. I had this great teacher called Miss Bun who had the hairstyle to match. Mum got a break and I learned new things. That was

Which celebrity mom are you?

Celebrity moms are always in the news and some of us aspire to be more like them. Mums are individuals so some will want to follow a certain style icon whilst others will be inspired by celebrity moms who campaign for good causes. Do you admire a particular celebrity mom. With

Is it time to rest?

Is it time to rest? Today is 29th February and social media is telling us we have an extra day. I wonder what most mums have done with that day. My guess is that most will not have taken it as a day of rest. I imagine mums

Olverum Bath Oil review

Olverum bath oil helped to improve my day. I was feeling a little under the weather and lethargic. The cold temperatures are getting me down a bit as this Winter seems to be going on and on. Where is Spring? This afternoon I decided I would cheer myself

New Blog Hops

New blog hops will be hosted by this blog as I fancy jazzing things up a bit, finding new blogs to read and remembering to visit my favourite old-time bloggers. I have a lot of ideas and have decided to go with this weekly selection of blog hops. 1. Blogging to Jogging