Show Real Blogs Linky

Welcome to my linky which goes by the title of Show Real!


I have blogged since about 2007 and in those 10 years it seems to be me that what started out as a way for real people to share their real lives and to develop a bit of peer support along the way, blogging is now all too often about showing off.  Here is my perfect body, expensive holiday, gorgeous mansion, talented children, blah, blah, blah!

The concept of Show Real blogs

Do you have a perfect life? I know that I don’t. It’s lovely but it is real and true and sometimes things go awry and often those are the very things of which memories are made.

Any blogger can join in with any type of post where things are real, authentic and even better where things might have gone a bit wrong. The days out where it rained all day, the new house where you discovered damp, the children who threw a tantrum in a very public place, the stretchmarks and weight gain after kids, the baking day where the kitchen ended up an entire mess – you get the idea?


If you would be interested in co-hosting this with me let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me via my contact form.


Rules are few and basically involve displaying the badge designed by my daughter and trying your best to read and comment on some of the other linked up blog posts.

Get involved

I will promote linked posts on my social media channels, leave comments and feature my favourite one weekly.

I welcome you all to come along and show real, demonstrate our humanity and imperfections. Let’s fight back against air-brushed lives. We will use the hashtag #showrealblogs.

I would love to know what you think about the Show Real linky and to hear from anyone who would like to co-host.

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