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Corned Beef Hash Recipe

Corned beef hash recipe Serves: 4 Ingredients 1 x 340g can Princes corned beef, diced 120g unsalted butter 1 large onion, chopped 900g potatoes, boiled and diced Oil for frying 1 egg per person (optional) How to make it 1. Melt 40g of unsalted butter in frying pan and fry one large onion, chopped. 2. Cut 340g of Princes corned beef

Should I take a risk?

Here is this week's Striking Mums post and better late than never. Should I take a risk? How often do you ask yourself that question. Striking Mums is a campaign to get mums to think of themselves a little bit more. We believe that mums really can rediscover

Do you feel life is passing you by as a mum?

Do you feel life is passing you by as a mum? Are you feeling a little fed up? Is you self-esteem a little low? Do you feel it is too often more about them and less about you? Do you feel a little frumpy? Are you feeling isolated with the challenges you face? Have you given