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Can weighing scales be trusted?

As I am fully committed to shifting the extra pounds (hey, who am I kidding? That would be stones and stones) I decided to invest in a brand new pair of weighing scales. I made an event out of it taking the whole family off to Tesco to

Weight loss slow down

I am joining in with Mumentum run by the wonderful New Mum Online blog. What is it all about? It is about mums supporting each other as they try to tackle mummy tummies. I am reporting a weight loss slow down. It was an odd week because after

How to lose half a stone in a week

Do you want to know how to lose half a stone in a week? I jumped on the weighing scales before the children got up and the school run chaos commenced. I have lost, wait for it girls, ta ta ta, half a stone in a week!!! I was expecting a pound if

How to tackle weight loss

Mumentum is a blog hop where mummy bloggers are supporting each other as they try to lose their baby weight and get healthier. I have thought about joining in for some time but then, I have thought about losing weight for some considerable time. I don't like the way I

Weight loss journey – week 4

I have lost 5 pounds this week! I am only on week 4 of my weight loss journey and have lost 12 and three quarter pounds. I had hoped for 2 pounds and would have settled for one pounds so I am over the moon. It was my birthday at the