Luxury Rare and Reserved Rolex Collection

With time, Rolex watches have gained the reputation of being among the world’s most recognizable watches. Further, it is the brand that is synonymous by far with both perfection and elegance when it comes to watches. As a matter of fact, the design of the Rolex watches can be adapted to fit any preference. The fact that they are loved by both men and women is a testament to their success. The Brand has, on the other hand, become a symbol of status and excellence as well as excellence. Further, Rolex is considered to be one of the first Swiss watch manufacturers to introduce dual time zone watches (GMT). As well as being one of the first watches to receive the coveted COSC timepiece certification, according to Swiss standards of accuracy and precision, it also happens to be among the first watches to achieve this status. In addition to this, Rolex Brand was the first watchmaking company to create the first waterproof watch case. This is the story of the Oyster Case. On the dial is a magnifying glass that allows you to see the date using the dial function as well.

Rolex watches also offer a multitude of fine lines and collections. Including Submariner ‘Kermitt’ 16610LV and the Daytona 116520. These high-class sophisticated watches are desirable and some of the best available at the moment.

Below you can see an infographic showing you all the information you need to know about these Rolex watches, including the specifications and the production year.

Infographic designed by Rare & Revered Rolex Models

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