Chocolate cheesecake recipe. If you love chocolate and you adore cheesecake, this is the perfect recipe.

a href=””>Jennifer’s Mini Cheesecake Bites

Prep time: 15 minutes

Serves/Makes 28


160g Light Philadelphia with Cadbury

100g mini chocolate chip cookies or mini oat biscuits


1. Arrange the biscuits on a serving platter.

2. Spread or pipe a little Philly with Cadbury on to each biscuit and serve topped with a number of different toppings.

Do you have a recipe for chocolate cheesecake?

I was talking to Him Indoors about cheesecake last night. For years, cheesecake has been one of my favourite desserts. I first came across it at the Pizza Express in Cambridge when I was a university. Puddings at home in Dewsbury were home-made until the Vienetta turned up to tempt my taste-buds in the Eighties. There is an infamous occasion where a boy took me out to dinner and did not buy me a cheesecake dessert. If this was a date, it did not last long when I realised I would not be eating my favourite thing.

So since 1987, cheesecake and I have been firm friends. Sadly with a prediabetes diagnosis I need to be careful these days but it still makes a very special occasional treat.


Chocolate mousse shots are easy, look good and with the recipe I am sharing pretty fail-safe too.

I had a terrible incident when I hosted a dinner party once. Fortunately it was for a bunch of women friends and they were very forgiving. In fact, like most things in life, disasters can turn into wonderful opportunities to laugh. Where cooking is concerned when things go wrong, you are more likely to remember a meal and this one was lots of fun. There were new cocktails designed by more own fair hand for a start – Pankhurst and Bra burner by name.

So what happened to the chocolate mousse? I had a lovely recipe. I rushed things and did not leave the mousse in the fridge long enough. So as well as having a soup for starters we also had a soup for pudding. Mind you it was tasty!

Anyway to save such culinary embarrassment, her is a simple recipe for your delectation.

Chocolate mousse shots are a tasty dessert brought direct to you from comedienne Jennifer Saunders.

Saunders’ Simple Choccy Mousse Shots

Prep time 10 minutes

Makes 10 shot glasses – perfect for a party!


160g Light Philadelphia with Cadbury

150ml double cream, whipped until thick

200g morello cherry fruit filling (for pies and cheesecake toppings)

20g Bournville chocolate, grated


1. Have ready 10 shot glasses.

2. Place the Philly in a bowl and whisk until smooth and creamy. Fold in the whipped cream until mixed.

3. Spoon some cherry fruit filling into the bottom half of each shot glass. Top with the chocolate Philly mousse mixture.

4. Chill until ready to serve. Just before serving, sprinkle generously with the grated chocolate.

What event will you use the chocolate mousse shots recipe for?