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Mum Has Not Gone To Iceland So Where Is She?

I am talking about the dead.  Where do they go? I was brought up as a Roman Catholic.  I think Catholics do death well and it is always good to have the concept of an afterlife to fall back on. Things get trickier when you start questioning it all in your teens

Getting advice from a probate solicitor

Getting advice from a probate solicitor can help as we face our own mortality. Love and pain If we are loved and have loved, we have had an amazing life right there. However almost through that very loving, we are guaranteeing ourselves abject emotional pain in the future. Death is an inevitable part

Christmas memories

Christmas is a time to think of loved ones and to miss those who are no longer with us. I lost my Mum in 2009 and my Dad in 2012. I seem to have moved to that stage of grief where you enjoy the memories so much that the pain

Dear Dad

Dear Dad It is your birthday today.  87 years since you came along to Harriet and Charlie. I thought I would check in with you.  Can we take it as read that you have port, mustard, honey and a good book to read?  I may well have cake with the children tonight

What I learned at BritMums Live 2014

What I learned at BritMums Live 2014. I was keen to be in room 4 for all the workshops on offer at BritMums Live. I want to become a published writer. I know that video is probably the way forward but have bottled it to date. I know

Relocation stress syndrome

So we have moved. I was so giddy about the move but right now I am just not feeling it in terms of being positive. I hate this in myself but I hope blogging it out will help. Maybe I have relocation stress syndrome. I think I am a bit

Fed up and separated

I am not down as such. I just feel a bit fed up and want to get out the various frustrations out of my system. Blogging always helps me deal with my feelings and sometimes work out what to do next too. I am miffed that having helped loads with the

Dear Matilda Mae

Dear Matilda Mae I imagine I am not the only one today who wondered whether to write you a letter at all. I am not a relation or a friend. I don't live near your family. It feels a bit uncomfortable to know what to do for the best.

The perfect bag for a busy mum – Mia Tui

What is the perfect bag for a busy mum like me? The first thing to reveal is that there used to be battles when I was a teenager. My late Mum felt a handbag was an essential piece of kit for all girls and women. She had lots of

What were the highs and lows of 2013?

Here is something I do on the blog every year.  It is good to look back and reflect on a whole year.  It helps to put things in perspective.  I always tag people to do a post using the same questions but anyone should feel free to join in.  Just