Here are 9 easy ways to avoid tummy trouble because let’s fact it, when it strikes it is yucky and as a busy woman you need to be on your game.

I thought I would say more about stomach health as Love Your Gut Week is just around the corner beginning on 4 September.

It might surprise you to find out that a lack of sleep can have an adverse effect on your appetite, body weight and how well your bowels work. It goes without saying that fatty snacks, booze and coffee won’t help you get a good night’s sleep.

  • Relaxation is one of the easy ways to avoid tummy trouble so do try and avoid stress. If you are anxious, adrenaline will speed up the passage of food through  your body and this is bad for you.
  • 9 Easy Ways To Avoid Tummy Trouble

    Diet and exercise

    • Good nutrition is vital so include protein rich food, carbs, essential oils and fibre-rich grains and cereals. Do not neglect your five a day and citrus fruits, berries, kiwi fruits, courgettes, squash, aubergines, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce are foods that are often recommended for those with a sensitive gut. Do not skip breakfast however busy your day.
    • Maintain good levels of hydration and yes I know lots of us struggle to drink a s much water as we should  but when your health depends on it, it really is just a case of getting into the habit.
    • Swim, walk and find other exercise methods that can help get rid of excess weight which puts too much pressure on your stomach.

    Easy ways to avoid tummy trouble

    • Booze will not help your gut health so try not to go mad or drink on an empty stomach. Although the odd drink is fine, too much can lead to liver disease.
    • There are lots of very good reasons not to smoke and maintain a healthy digestion is just one of them.
    • Don’t take your gut health for granted as one day it may let you down and as a mum you are in a great position to educate your kids on good ways of protecting their health.
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    I am talking about the dead.  Where do they go?

    I was brought up as a Roman Catholic.  I think Catholics do death well and it is always good to have the concept of an afterlife to fall back on.

    Things get trickier when you start questioning it all in your teens and onwards.

    My mum died in 2009 so the grief is much less raw these days.  Through Penny over at the Alexander Residence blog and her amazing Little Legacy blog hop, I have reflected on my relationship with my mum and the not always easy life she led.  I have more peace than I did.

    Yesterday, I looked around to see if there were signs of Mum.  We went off to an Army Cadet open day.  Not my idea of a fun day apart from the fact I am a mum and knew my boys would love it, all three of them lol.

    Mum would tell me that the spirit of a person lives on.  What does that mean?

    Does it mean that whilst the boys went on a climbing wall, I focussed on the tombola and bric-a-brac stalls?  Very much my mother’s daughter both in buying yet more clutter and also in paying over the odds feeling sorry for the organisers that few people had turned up.

    Does it mean that I was surprised on winning on the tombola that the prize was some Tweed?  You know, Tweed the perfume my Mum used to wear when I was little.  Or does it mean that when I have these moments where I feel mum is playing tricks on me, I remember that Peter Kay comedy sketch where he pokes fun at the bereaved.  “You see that packet of quavers, that’s him”.

    Does it mean that as we went to a certain town to do some shopping, I remembered how Mum used to like the houses there.? Not palatial houses by any means but houses she could not realistically aspire to.

    Is it when I hear myself saying things she would say and I swore I never would?

    Dad and I had our usual fish and chip lunch date on Friday.  I was telling him that Mum gave up smoking one Mother’s Day.  I had bought her a plantpot and on a whim filled it with sweets.  She was ill in bed with flu or similar.  She went without a cigarette all day.  She told me that she had always said that if she gave up for one whole day, she would not smoke again.  Instead, she replaced cigarettes with humbugs.  We worked out this was probably exactly 30 years ago.

    When I wrote my mother’s eulogy, the only bit my brother put in was that at the age of 38, Mum went on the Town Hall stage and sang some cheeky song all dressed up in a wild fashion.  Mum always said I was a slow starter but here I am at 43 trying to get a burlesque calendar off the ground.  Mum’s showtime routine was for charity and the calendar will be too.

    Does that mean her spirit lives on?  I would like to think so.




    Run Jump Scrap

    As I am fully committed to shifting the extra pounds (hey, who am I kidding? That would be stones and stones) I decided to invest in a brand new pair of weighing scales. I made an event out of it taking the whole family off to Tesco to choose some. I even took them all to MacDonalds afterwards to celebrate and yes, I had nothing except a diet coke.

    So this morning once Him Indoors and the children were dispatched to their various lives, I whipped off all my clothes and bounced onto the new scales. Nothing. The instructions did not tell you you had to take a little plastic tab out of them to make them work. OK, that’s sorted. Try again. Wow, I appear to have lost 5 stones overnight! I knew this could not be possible but was quite happy to bask in the moment. Right, time to face reality. It does not say 10 stones 2 pounds. It says 102kg. Since when did anybody stuck in the Eighties want to deal in kg?!

    Read the instructions and worked out that I needed to push a button if I wanted to deal in old-fashioned weights. It turns out I am around the 16 stone mark when I thought it was a mere (lol) 15 stone. Feel totally deflated after nearly 3 weeks of being so good on the healthy eating front.

    Seized on the support of Twitter and within minutes was reassured. 70 pounds to lose is just 2 pounds for 35 weeks. That sounds far more manageable. It is pretty clear to me that I have lost around 91b already in 2 weeks so I am on track. As Him Indoors said, all that has changed is the starting point, so when you lose the weight, it will be an even more impressive story.

    I am going to admit because I bet I am not the only one to do this that I tried the scales in various places in the house blaming sloping floors and all sorts for the terrible truth.

    However, due to the support of Twitter and family members, I got in the car and went off to buy Weightwatchers bread and smoked salmon for lunch.

    The point of this post is really to ask whether other women give the weighing scales too much power. Do you jump on and off them every 3 seconds? Do you move them around to try to get them to give you a different result? If you are on a steady path of weight loss, should they be so important in your life?

    In case you are wondering, I will lose the weight. I am believing in myself and you lot can catch up in your own time.

    How to be a happy mum is a question that torments many of us at various points of the parenting journey.

    How To Be A Happy Mum

    Last week, I started a new blog hop/meme/linky, call it what you will, concerned with helping Mums to have a bit of a personal revival and get their groove back. It is all about recognising that the individual woman sometimes gets lost a bit in the business of being a mum and trying desperately to juggle it all.

    I was delighted to see seven lovely mums joining in and hope even more will write a blog post and link up this week. I also got so many comments that clearly shows I am not alone in asking where that feisty woman of yesteryear has gone to and resolving to find her.

    So what might help you get your groove back? It might be doing a course, volunteering, applying for a job or looking into setting up a business. It might be as simple as taking time out for you to go for a walk, to have a pampering session or to organise a night out with the girls. It might be learning to say no to some things and yes to others. It might be returning to an old hobby or developping a new skill. The fun of it all is that you get to choose and then you get to share how it all went with some very supportive blogger friends going through the same sort of thing.

    To clarify things, you can link up on any day of the week but if you do it on Tuesday, that is fabulous. Please do try and find time to visit some of the other entries (or all of them) as you can bet you will be inspired and also able to give a supportive comment or two too. I will visit and support all entries.

    I like to play around a bit (oo-er missus!) so will set little (tiny) challenges or things you can do and report back on the following week. However, this blog hop is not about rules so please feel free to post about what you want and to ignore any parts of the challenges you don’t like.

    This week, I have two questions for you.

    What song would be best to play a lot whilst attempting to get your groove back?

    My choice is Revival by Annie Lennox

    What can you do to make your body feel better this week?

    Right, what have I done to get my va-va-voom back this week.

    1. I have had a habit since experiencing post-natal depression of hiding from and saying no to positive experiences. I have made myself a bit of a prisoner sometimes I think. This week, I said yes to a night out at the seaside, yes to a shopping trip to town and yes to a carnival.

    2. I have also got very much into putting my family first which is a good thing but not if it means you are constantly denying yourself. This week, I went out and bought myself a new duvet and some silly but fun things from the charity shop that amused me. You really don’t need bigger justifiction than that. Do I like it? Do I consider it be beautiful or useful? Can I afford it? Right, buy it – where’s the problem? You can see my finds at the charity shop in my Magpie Monday post from yesterday.

    3. I am looking into volunteering in a charity shop, at school and with Homestart. For those who don’t know Homestart provides trained volunteers to support mums with children under 5 years old. I think a Homestart volunteer could have transformed my life when I was finding looking after 2 under 2 and a 4 year old so tough.

    4. I have continued to indulge in healthy eating most of the time and join in the #mumentum community of women trying to lose mummy tummies. I said more about this yesterday including revealing that I am such an emotional eater so need to tackle that.

    So that’s me but this blog hop is all about you. Yes you who is thinking whether you should join in or not. What are you up to? Are you going to commit to improving your own life? Fancy joining some very lovely women doing the same? Well then, what are you waiting for?

    Write a post today or if you really can’t manage that sometime before next Monday and link up below. Any questions, just email me on

    Ideally, take time out this week to visit some or all of the other entries from brave and open women and give them a lovely comment on their blog.

    I look forward to hearing how you are getting on.

    Another favour, please tweet about your post and use the hashtag thing so that we can all spread the word about the blog hop. Do the same if you will on other social media sites too. I have decided to keep it simple so please use the #groovingmums when mentioning this blog hop.

    If you don’t do any of these things, I will not be hunting you down with a big stick. If you do them, I think we will all get more out of the experience.

    Right, time for me to stop babbling and you to start blogging and linking up. Ready, steady, go and find out how to be a happy mom.

    Joining in with one of my very favourite blog hops where we bloggers celebrate our bargain finds.

    I went to the charity shop with my Dad during the week. He likes to get books there with their buy two, get one free offer. He is retired and gets through loads of books.

    I bought lots of very “essential” items.

    One was a pink leather passport cover. I have seem girly women with these and although I am far from girly, maybe this will be the start of me becoming so. £1

    I saw a bundle of teaspooons with a rubber band around them for 50 pence. Well some were teaspoons and some were tiny little ones and not sure what you would use them for but they are very sweet. Him Indoors is always banging on as if the world would end if we ran out of cutlery so bought these for him really. Never let it be said I don’t make the huge romantic gestures. There were probably 12 spoons in total for 50 pence.

    I also got some shower gels in a range of lovely flowery fragrances for £1. I do like to have nice smellies to pamper myself with.

    However, my very favourite treasure this week was these. The first thing I noticed was how they were cuddling. I wanted to know more so investigated further.

    They are actually very shy salt and pepper pots with the stoppers in too but if you ask them nicely, they turn into very friendly ghosts and give you a wave. For now, I am using them as ornaments and they make me smile every time I look at them.