New Year’s Eve has only ever really meant one thing in our house.  It is the day my mum was born at 3 minutes to midnight in 1926.  I imagine her entering the word and crying and then the fireworks going off.

My mom adopted me and Mum died in 2009 and I miss her.

The idea of me blogging came from her and my whole social media journey is a powerful legacy from her to me.

This week I want to introduce you to my Mum.  She was an amazing woman and anyone who knew her was very lucky indeed.  She had a long and fascinating life.  For today, I will focus on her relationship with myself because my mom adopted me and changed my life.

It all started in 1969 when she took me home on Bonfire Night.  I was eleven months old and as you can see, she must have had to have a very good heart to want to adopt something like this.



She put me at the heart of the family and brought joy into my life.  Check out her amazing legs by the way.




We became a bit of a double act.



She made me feel safe and warm.




She ensured I had toys and pets.




Sometimes I surprised her.




Sometimes I swam.



Sometimes I got into very deep water.


She encouraged a love of travel.



and music!


and fashion!!!




She kept her promise to my birth mother that she would bring me up to be a good Catholic girl!




She kept going giving me good experiences even when she was struggling emotionally or was in pain.




She accepted that sometimes I would feel closer to my Dad.



She taught me how to hold my own in an argument.


She would take me to see Santa even when I was a bit old for it.



She encouraged my education and lived to see me graduate with a degree in Law from Cambridge University.  I would love to know what she thought that day.  This is a woman who was brought up by a alcoholic and violent father, who was poor as a child and later, who was spat at in the street for being Irish.  A woman who taught herself words by reading the Reader’s Digest and who never stopped learning.  A woman who passed for Grammar School but was not allowed to go through poverty and ended up as a factory worker aged 12 years of age.




When I think of Mum, the overwhelming memory is of laughter and a fabulous sense of fun.




Happy New Year from the two founders of this blog – Irene Holmes and her daughter Catherine. My mum adopted me and I am proud of her.

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