What To Do With Lottery Winnings

What to do with Lottery winnings

What I would do if I won the Lottery is a question I have given a lot of thought to because I am aware that the family members would have different priorities. What to do with Lottery winnings may prove a troublesome decision.

What to do with Lottery winnings

The first thing on my list would be to buy a home that could be a safe haven forever for any family members who needed it. I remember my parents selling their home to fund travels around the world and I realised that I would not inherit property and was quite shocked by that at the time. I know exactly the type of house I would buy as I know what works well for us as a family. Having said that there would be one indulgence for me which would be an indoor swimming pool. Whenever the children complain about not having anything, I always say “I would like a swimming pool in the basement but we don’t always get what we want!” I sound like my Mum who always wanted a trip on the Orient Express but I made sure that happened for her in her Golden Wedding Anniversary year.


My husband did not surprise me when I double-checked what he would want from the Lottery winnings, It is always the same as he loves cars although on this occasion he fancies a Land Rover rather than the usual Mercedes. We would probably need a Lottery win to keep it on the road with his track record with cars.


My teenage son would like the biggest gaming computer than money can buy and also dogs. I think he would live quite happily with a job that involved loads of contact with dogs.


My daughter has her spending all planned as she wants to live on a houseboat with a fluffy cat called Coco.


My other son would want some gaming gear and then like me would probably want to give a lot of the winnings away.

I would like to set up a foundation of sort to support a student to go to my old college. I would probably support cancer and children’s charities like my parents did too.

Finally there would be little guilty pleasures like fresh flowers every week and good perfume.

What would you do if you won the Lottery?

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