5 Things To Consider When Booking Flights

The global pandemic has made us realise how vital it is to make special memories with family and friends. Memories are great fun at the time and also sustain us in times of trouble. When we lose people, it is often holidays we look back on  with great pleasure. Now that travel restrictions are lighter, it is a great time to get away for some relaxing times together. So to help, I am writing about 5 things to consider when booking flights.


Regular readers of my blog know I always caution against spending more money that you can realistically afford. There are times when it can be tempting to do so and vacations certainly fall in that category. These days with so much  information online, you can shop around to find bargains for flights. The money you say on air travel can be put towards fun times overseas so look for cheap flights today.

Coronavirus considerations

You are strongly advised to check out guidance from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Ensure you know about quarantine requirements when returning to the UK. Be aware these may change very quickly as in the case of France recently. Is it practical for you self-isolate for 2 weeks on your return from holiday? Be aware even if the Foreign and Commonwealth says you can travel to a particular country overseas, you need to check that country will allow you to enter the country.

Package deals

Online travel agents can help you put together a package including flights, hotels and car hire. This sometimes means you are getting good discounts on each of the elements. This option won’t be for every individual or family but look into it to see if it has any  benefits for your particular situation.

With package holidays, most operators are members of the huge ATOL and ABTA travel protection schemes. This means if the firm goes bust or there’s another issue, your break is protected that way.

Credit card payment

If you want to have security, pay for your flights with a credit card. Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act means the card company is just as liable as the airline is something goes wrong so long as the flight costs over £100. This is extremely good back up in challenging times where so much is unpredictable as airlines find themselves in crisis.

Travel insurance

It is so easy to forget important matters like travel insurance but you do so at your peril. Things can and do go wrong on holiday. Insurance gives you security so ensure you have it in place.

So be money savvy by checking out sites for spicejet airlines and be conscious that we live in unpredictable times where we should make travel memories but not take any risks with your mental and physical health.




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