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Are you interested in a music education system? Do you love music and want to introduce it to your children? I think you might be interested in the work of Pomelody.

Music Education

I have always loved music and have quite eclectic tastes. It turns out my youngest son has a passion for music and when we started home educating, his love of classical music emerged. I am not sure we would have discovered this had he stayed in school.

He tells me one of the reasons he adores music is that it calms his emotions when they become too much for him to handle. I did break through my post-natal depression to take him to a music activity class when he was in his pre-school years so perhaps that laid some very good foundations.

Pomelody was founded by people who passionately believe that music is an incredible medium, offering children all manner of benefits including greater emotional intelligence. If ever we needed that quality in our world, I think that time is now. They have composed their own music that is designed to bring genuine joy to children and helps to give them a more rounded development. Two years on from their initial vision, their music education system, Pomelody, is almost finalised.

This video, by the founders, explains the thinking behind the project and how they are crowd-sourcing for funding to move forwards initially in Europe and the USA.

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3 thoughts on “Music education system for kids – Pomelody”

  1. Sounds wonderful and i love their vision for bringing music to the lives of children that aren’t surrounded by opportunity. I love that you are son is able to verbalise the fact that music helps him calm his emotions – what a skill to have. Both of boys also love music and one of my fondest memories is when my now 4 year old was 2 and cried out for more jazz to be played on the radio (when the ads were on) from the back seat of the car! thanks for sharing this. #BloggerClubUK

  2. This sounds like a brilliant way to get children involved in music. My daughter is showing signs that she enjoys listening to it, but more so likes The Wheels on the Bus at the moment. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  3. Hi Kate, I also think the music in the education system is best for kids. It is the way of introducing my child to music with education. It is a type of learning things with music and fun. Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts with us.

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