5 Plays my daughter would like to see

My daughter has a love of the theatre. This works well for me as an evening at the theatre is one of my favourite things to do. I also like going in the afternoons as that always feels a little naughty and such an indulgent treat.  We have discussed the plays we would both absolutely love to see. We are sharing our list as it might give you some ideas too. Here are the 5 plays my daughter would like to see most of all after checking out information here about tickets.


I come from a family of performers. My brother is an opera singer but as a family we were keen on musical theatre most of all. There is nothing quite like heading to London for a show. As a huge fan of Queen, I want to share the experience of “We will Rock You” with  my daughter. I saw it a few years ago in Leeds as a birthday treat from my Dad. I just know my daughter will love it and be standing in an ovation with the best of them at the end. She also wants to see The Lion King as we have always enjoyed the film. Then there is Wicked which both of us get so excited about. I imagine us singing “Defying Gravity” on our way to the theatre.


I think it too easy to neglect plays in favour of musicals. When I have attended plays with friends, I have always enjoyed it so much. I particularly remember seeing “Death of a Salesman” with a friend I found through a mums’ network. I was in the grip of post-natal depression at the time and it felt that by going I began to see glimpses of the real me again with my own interests outside the parenting mix.

Fortunately my daughter is really keen on Shakespeare. The other evening she was sitting on the sofa reading bits out from the complete works. She can rant a lot about The Taming of the Shrew but has never seen it. We can see this at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse and I might surprise her with this one. Whilst looking online I saw this atmospheric venue also has “Women Beware Women” available. As my daughter and I are both fascinated by gender power dynamics, this is now on our list too.

What do you think to our choices? When were you last at the theatre and what did you see?



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  • chickenruby

    I didn’t realise your brother was an opera singer, how amazing. I haven’t been to a theatre for years, other than to see comedians, but I’m now back in the UK and have the lovely Malvern Theatres near by, I should check out what they’re showing. Thanks for linking up with #pocolo and hope to see you back later this week

  • crummymummy1

    I think it’s so good to introduce kids to the theatre from a young age (if you can as it’s not cheap!) We’re off to see Peppa Pig – My First Concert which is an introduction to orchestra soon & can’t wait! #MMBC

  • Jayne Armishaw-Bagnall

    Some good choices! I can imagine We Will Rock You is amazing. I bet the atmosphere is awesome.
    And how brilliant that your brother is an opera singer! x

  • Joanne

    I love going to the theatre but with three boys it can often be hard to convince any of them to come with me. The last production we saw was Disney’s Mulan played by an all children’s cast. They did a fabulous job! #MMBC

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