5 Reasons socks make a great Christmas gift

Christmas is scarily close with just a few weeks to get organised for the festive season. I miss the days when I could visit toys shops for the children’s presents. It was an opportunity to revisit my own childhood and a guarantee of happy smiles on Christmas morning. Nowadays, my teenagers and young adult are more interested in video games which doesn’t give mum quite the same feeling of magic. I like to add in some little extras when shopping for family members. Here are 5 reasons socks make a great Christmas gift of the fun and affordable variety. They are way different to the boring choices of yesteryear where they were used just to tick another family member off your Christmas list. These days socks have attitude!

Perfect for the season

Christmas comes along in December which is a cold month in the UK. Anyone is going to love some wool socks to keep their feet warm and snuggly when there is snow on the ground or freezing temperatures. Wool socks come in a huge variety of patterns and colours. Don’t have cold feet about socks as a gift for your loved one as they come in handy on country walks, when pottering about the house or even in bed! Socks are actually one of the ways to keep well in colder months.

Perfect for your budget

You might go down the luxury line and buy cashmere or silk socks. Cotton ones tend to be a more affordable option but can still be stylish. I find if I have not spent my whole Christmas budget socks make a lovely additional gift that won’t break the bank. On occasion, I might go a little wild and invest in a pair of designer socks for someone special.

Perfect for all family members

From the tiny tot right through to your elderly relative, socks are always a gift that you know will be used. You can get socks with children’s favourite cartoon characters. You could go down the humour route for the comedian in your family. Traditional patterns and colours often work best for older people but work with the individuals you are purchasing for as you will know them best.

Perfect emergency presents

We have all had the experience where we are suddenly invited to visit someone’s house for Christmas. It is embarrassing to turn up empty-handed. Have some socks wrapped up ready for such emergency situations. Similarly, people may call on your home over the festive season and it is nice to remember this is the season for giving and sock it to them!

Perfect for memories

Many of us live apart from our loved ones. Socks are wonderful gifts as when your family member puts them on throughout the year they will think of you with affection and a smile. You could even invest a little more and arrange for a sock subscription box so they get socks every month of the year.

Who do you buy socks for at Christmas?









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