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5 Winter Wellness Considerations

This blog is all about women and most contributors are female. It is open to great guest posts from men too on occasion. Sometimes you get a really good one that combines practical tips with a bit of life affirmation too. That is why I agreed to host this post from Aaron from The Busy Papa blog. He shares important winter wellness considerations with us. I know many struggle to feel good mentally or physically after the festivities at the end of the previous year. We can change that and Aaron shows us how.

“As the frost sets in and the January wintery cold sweeps the nation, it is important to remember to take the time to look after yourself and your loved ones. With modern sensibilities, it is easy to forget the bitter truth of just how dangerous this time of year can be. However, awareness is an advantage in all things and taking the time to appreciate the hardships that come this time of year is often enough to plan and act accordingly. Safeguard your wellbeing this winter by being mindful of your needs and not letting the realisation that you matter slip by.

Don’t Forget to Rest

Flu season is no joke. Whilst it might be difficult to rest if you have a family to consider or pressing work commitments, it is critically important that you do. We all overdo it sometimes; life doesn’t always give us a choice but over time the impact of not resting and falling unwell to fatigue, cold, flu or just lack of self-care is incremental and sooner or later it catches up with you.

Be Careful

Ice builds up everywhere. Not just on the roads but on the paths, you probably walk on every day without a second thought. With this accident become more likely. Don’t take unnecessary risks; opt for sensible footwear with good, reliable grips. Make sure your car tyres are at the right inflation. Don’t rush, take things slow and don’t allow yourself to be put in situations you are not comfortable with.

Get Active

You don’t have to start working out (although that would help) but go for walks, visit local parks, meet friends and get out of the house. Do it safely of course. Don’t put yourself at risk, ever. However, fresh air and a change of scenery can do a lot of good for your sense of personal wellbeing. A short outing, even just around the block keeps the brain engaged and helps your muscles and joints not to stiffen up in response to the weather.

Don’t Compare Lives

The long dark evenings can sometimes lead to long, dark thoughts. Our social lives online and off rarely have us present the truth of things and sometimes all we see of the people around us are a greatest hits collection of what they’ve been doing this winter. What we don’t see or hear about is the stress, fails and non-starters of theirs. This means that we can sometimes be left feeling inadequate or that we aren’t living the best version of our lives. This is a dangerous mindset (especially after the holidays) and one we should try to overcome.

Keep Warm

I think sometimes people forget that this isn’t as easy as it sounds for many. As a child, I grew up in a low-income household and with metered energy suppliers. Despite best efforts, sometimes we’d be without electric or gas for a while. Issues like this continue to affect people today and the elderly are frequently vulnerable to such concerns. If you’re in this position, then be sure to layer-up as much as you can and let loved ones know you are struggling. If that fails, then seek advice on ways you might be able to be supported.”

Huge thanks to Aaron for sharing these vital winter wellness considerations.

Do you have any winter wellness tips to share with my readers?


Winter Wellness Tips

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  • Simone Ribeiro

    Some valuable tips here! I always think it’s easy to feel down in the winter. I don`t like the shorter days and I miss the long summer days in Brazil this time of the year. It’s always good to keep your mind clear and take care of yourself in the colder days.

  • Kim Carberry

    Great advice. It is a rough time of year for different reason.
    So far we haven’t had any ice. I am dreading it. I am imagining not many gritters get here. Eek!
    I really hate this time of year and totally get the not comparing lives. It can be quite depressing x

  • loopyloulaura

    I think keeping war is so important irrespective of age. Children often don’t feel the cold so may dress inapproriately to the temperature (Anya wears summer dresses and shorts!) whilst warmth can literally be the difference between life and death for the elderly. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

  • Karen Reekie

    Winter is a tough time. I struggle very badly. We are aiming to be out of the UK in the next few years to a place with no winter, to be honest. Helpful tips though for surviving. Thanks for linking up to #stayclassymama

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