Top Tips for Using Branded Merchandise to Promote Your Business

Branded merchandise can help your business to attract new customers and increase sales.  Business cards and flyers are an essential part of networking and marketing your brand, but taking your promotional merchandise one step further can really help to build brand awareness and achieve returning customers.

If your company is planning to host a stand at an exhibition, be sure to take along some freebies for your visitors. You will find that your stand is far more popular if you are giving away free gifts. When deciding what promotional merchandise to use at the exhibition, it is important to consider how useful your gifts will be to the user. For example, a bag is a great idea for an exhibition, because they can be used on the day (which is also an ideal advertising opportunity) and potentially long after. Get creative with the items that you choose. The more unusual or innovative the merchandise, the more others are likely to want it too!

Another useful tip for attending exhibitions is to ensure that your team wear branded uniform that includes your logo or company colours. Alternatively, you could give each member of staff a branded laptop bag or an umbrella to help make your branding visible.

A new client meeting is another ideal opportunity to give away branded merchandise. This could include pens or notepads, or other items that will be used on a regular basis by your prospective clients. These gifts are likely to stay on their desks for a long time, giving you daily visibility. Also by giving a gift, you will build a sense of trust and loyalty with your potential client. Establishing a good relationship with your customers is key to recommendations and future success.

Using branded merchandise is a very cost-effective marketing strategy and one that will work well when combined with other promotional tactics, such as social media marketing – Just remember to include your social media handles on your promotional gifts.

So there you have it, promotional merchandise can help your business to attract more customers, create more sales and leave a lasting impression.

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