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When and Why You Should Undergo Angioplasty Stent Insertion

Angioplasty is a treatment process that opens blocked coronary arteries of patient to normalise the blood flow to the heart muscle. It is a preferred treatment over open-heart surgery due to there being lesser risk involved. It can be performed in urgent situations, such as when someone suffers from a severe

Criteria of Laser Eye Surgery

Eyesight is one of five core senses that human beings are blessed with. Our eyes translate light into image signals for the brain to understand. If a person’s ability to see diminishes, it will cause issues in their day to day lives. Everything they do will be affected by a

Had the wrong tooth pulled?

When people mention medical negligence, the first response tends to be that a hospital or doctor has made a mistake that has affected someone’s health. However, anyone within the healthcare profession can get things wrong, including opticians, care homes, physiotherapists, pharmacists and even dentists. How Can a Dentist Make a Mistake? Dentists

Life As A Single Parent

It is a sad statistic that nearly just under half of all marriages end in divorce. It means you literally have just under a 50% chance of your marriage working. It is a scary thought, but one that is becoming all the more apparent in the past few years. The

Great gift ideas on a budget

Are you a little short on cash but are in need of a great gift? The best gifts do not have to cost the earth especially if buy from sites such as the deals queen one, and actually, gifts bought on a budget can be a lot more thoughtful! Below,

Leaving The Temptation Of Indulgence For Brighter Pastures

Indulgence is everywhere. From your local doughnut chain store to the wide array of Netflix specials that are released. From the comfort of your home living room to the relaxation of your favorite book. Some of these could be classed as indulgences and activities for growth in the same fell

Coastal stays vs Country stays

If you had a choice would you prefer to stay by the sea or in the countryside perhaps near mountains or moors. With miles and miles of stunning coastline and countryside, we’re spoiled for choice in the UK when it comes to choosing a city, town or village for our next break away from

Sunshine Blogger Award

I would like to thank Su from Ethan and Evelyn for nominating me for the Sunshine Award. I am tasked with revealing all by answering some questions set by her. I will then be nominating some other bloggers and giving them 11 questions to answer. Q1. Your blog’s name – why have