Improving health is something we all need to take seriously particularly in a busy and increasingly stressful world. At the moment, I am having sleep issues regularly waking up in the night and also struggling to switch off and get to sleep in the first place. As I get older, I am all too aware that I am not as with it as I used to be when it comes to  work focus and remembering things.

Improving Health

Utmost Me is a health start-up which focuses on these very issues – improving sleep quality and improving focus and memory.

There are so many times in our lives when sleep can be an issue including  when we are stressed by studies or are sleep-deprived due to the demands of parenting. These are the occasions when it is worth  considering if you need a little extra help. Self-care is important. We really can only look after our loved ones properly if we are taking proper care of our own wellbeing.

Neuro Rest is their sleep supplement and Neuro Focus Plus is their brain vitamin supplement. I will certainly be giving Neuro Focus Plus a try and reporting back on my findings.

Utsmost Me takes  a science-first approach to natural supplements. Both of their products have been developed by a bio-scientist, doctor and expert nutritionist.  This seems a very reassuring combination of experts to me.

It is well worth checking out the Utmost Me blog, written by their Wellness Board of experts. This is also informed by the  Utmost Me Sleep Club which is a private Facebook group.

Since launch, Utmost Me have sold 100,000 bottles and have a 75% customer retention rate suggesting great trust levels in the products.

In a recent survey, 115 respondents said that they would recommend Neuro Rest to a friend and 97% reported sleeping better. These are pretty impressive statistics.

Utmost Me tackles those issues that really are important to most of us such as reaching out full potential in terms of productivity and time management. The blog shares practical solutions  such as effective routines for the mornings. It is well worth popping along for some support.

Do you struggle most with sleep or focus?


My Random Musings

When it comes to managing a team, there is no denying that one of the most important aspects is ensuring that everyone is on the right track and that deadlines and objectives are being met as they should. During certain periods in the project phase, this will be a lot easier said than done. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover the five key steps you need to take to ensure that your project remains on target.


Make sure there is a clear direction – There is only one place to begin, and this is with ensuring that you are clear about the team’s goals and mission. When things start to become blurry, and focus is lost, that is when targets are not met. Everyone on the team needs to have a clear and concise understanding of what they are working towards. This may sound simple, but sticking to goals is not always easy. It can take a while for people to see their work in the bigger picture. This is where your communication skills really need to come into play.

Make sure your regularly communicate your targets – You can set a clear target, but if you do not back this up with supporting management strategies, you are going to struggle to achieve the said target. Executives need to have frequent conversations about targets. As any project management training or masters in business management course will tell you, communication is key. You need to get a lot of feedback regarding team progression, and you must continuously communicate in order to move forward.

Promote self-awareness – All members of your team need to understand their individual role, not just in regards to the tasks they need to complete, but also as part of a bigger team. This can be difficult when individuals are preoccupied with issues of governance, practices, processes, policies, and tasks. However, organisational success is determined by what goes on in people’s minds every second of each day. This is why you need to pay close attention to psychology and encourage self-awareness.

Don’t deviate from the plan – Setting goals is one thing, but you need to make sure you stick to them. This can be difficult when hurdles arise, causing distraction. It can end up like a kids’ game of football where everyone just falls the ball. It is your duty to stop this from happening.

Encourage collaboration – Last but not least, a highly collaborative environment is of paramount importance if your team is going to reach its goals. As a project manager, you cannot be a dictator. While you need to be strong on the direction and set certain things out, you also need to communicate effectively and encourage others too.

If you follow the five steps mentioned above, you can make sure that you keep your team on target so that they reach their project goals. This is one of the most difficult aspects for any project manager, but if you follow the suggestions above, it should make it a lot easier

My Random Musings

Keeping the kids entertained over the summer seems easy enough at the start of the school holidays. A few weeks later and social media is full of parents worrying that their children keep complaining that they are bored. Boredom can actually lead to your children coming up with their own creative ideas for learning and play. However, on the days where you are tearing your hair out, here are some ideas to put the smiles back on your children’s faces.

Get outdoors

Getting  outdoors is good for us and boosts our mood with that wonderful Vitamin D magic. Go for a nature walk picking up items of interest and discussing them. I used to love doing this with my Dad when I was a child and learned so much. Even if you are not particularly sporty, there are fun and affordable ways to get more active whether splashing in a paddling pool or checking out the fun-filled items from  SkateHut or supermarkets.

Cook up a storm

My tween is easily bored and going through puberty which does not help his mood one bit. However, he will always respond positively to spending time in the kitchen and has ambitions to be a chef one day. We used to just bake sweet treats but these days I am showing him the joys of cooking family meals from scratch. Yesterday we made the most luscious turkey burgers for tea.. Activities like these are great for relieving boredom but also teach essential life skills.

Old favourites

Think back to what kept you entertained as a child. Was it building Lego creations or colouring in?  Increasingly as children spend more and more time on screens, they are disconnected from the old pleasures of school holidays. It doesn’t have to be that way! Might I suggest you disconnect the screens instead and indulge in the pleasures of the real world for a change. Get to the seaside to build sand castles, to skim stones and to paddle. Build a den outdoors using natural resources or make a duvet fort on rainy days.

Finally check out what is happening in your local area by visiting your library and council offices.

Happy Holidays!

Keeping The Kids Entertained Over The Summer


Twin Mummy and Daddy

Having a baby is a massive milestone in anybody’s life. If you have recently had a baby, you may be thinking about ways to ease yourself back into keeping fit after, understandably, taking it easy for a while. Getting fit after having a baby should be approached slowly, as it isn’t a good idea to immediately rush back into intense workouts and exercise. Rather, find simple and easy ways to ease back into keeping fit, and, over time, you will soon be back on track to where you want to be and meeting your goals.


After having a baby, it’s essential that you don’t overdo it through an intense exercise regime. You will be able to get back to it over time, but in the early days, it is worth taking it easy. If you are looking for an easy, effective and safe way to burn calories, walking is the perfect option. You can burn just as many calories through walking as you do with running; it may take longer, but it is achievable. If you have a dog, go on regular dog walks, or meet up with friends and try and go on a long walk around the area once a week. You could discover local walks you haven’t done before, or if this is particularly difficult, sign up at a local gym and hit the treadmill. You can also set the treadmill to different inclines so that you are efficiently burning calories but aren’t letting your body suffer for it.


Yoga is a brilliant option if you want to get your healthy lifestyle back on track. Double check with your doctor in terms of recovery time and when is best for you to start yoga up, but with a little patience, you can slowly build up your muscular strength, balance, and tone up through yoga. There are even options for mom and baby yoga that you may want to consider if you want to make the most of spending time with your newborn.

Meal Supplements

Meal supplements and low-calorie meal products are another easy, hassle-free solution to getting your fitness levels back to the level you wish after having a baby. There are various diets out there which offer meal supplements in the form of shakes, as well as low-calorie products that don’t compromise on nutritional value or quality. Be sure to head online and check out comparisons to discover the best possible products available.

Drink Water

Drinking water is another essential to keeping fit after having a baby. You will most likely have maintained a good fluid intake throughout your pregnancy. However, it is just as important to keep hydrated after having a baby, too, especially in the first few weeks where you will be physically and mentally tired and drained at times. Help you to help yourself, and keep hydrated so you are as focused and energized as possible, meaning you can tackle the day and enjoy spending quality time with your newborn.

4 Simple Ways To Keep Fit After Having A Baby

Cuddle Fairy

Signs are important to business. If I ask you to think back to your childhood high street, I bet certain shop signs will spring to mind immediately. Some of that will be based on the fact that you shopped there but also the very look of your high street is probably in your mind as soon as I pose the question. For me Woolworths is the stand out with bright red signage. How interesting  that a more modern store like Virgin uses similar colours.

Purpose of signs

Signs are there to communicate a message and as with all marketing you need to ensure that your business signs reflect the real offering of your business. Only you can decide if you should go with a traditional look or something more modern. How will you choose your colours and shapes? How will you tie in your signage with your marketing both on and offline?

History of signs

Signage for shops is nothing new as it appears to have developed in ancient times in both the East and the West. As I say I remember signs from childhood really clearly. I remember an American diner opening in my Northern market town and the signage actually played a huge part in why myself and my friend enjoyed eating there. I have always enjoyed  the traditional pub signs too and actually weirdly quite resent modern versions. I recently found out that English Law made it illegal to trade as a pub without a sign. I love antiques and adore the signage of yesteryear that you can find at car boot sales and flea markets often in vibrant colours too. I think it is fair to say that some signs can truly be described as works of art.

Long live the High Street

I genuinely hope we never lose our high streets. I think they bring people to a centre where they community spirit can be generated in a way that is not quite the same online. I wonder what shop signs our children will remember when they are adults.

What signs do you enjoy the look of most?









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