Small dogs are not only cute, usually, they have huge personalities. Small dogs are not dolls or toys. Their calorie intake is large as compared to the amount of food they eat.

This is because their metabolism is active and burns food at a high energy rate. Their body surface area is greater as compared to their weight and size, and thus, they need more energy. A small ting dog will need twice as many calories as any Mastiff.

Small dogs (like the Pitsky) have little mouths and little tummies, and therefore, the process of maintaining the high-calorie rate for your dogs become more difficult.

It is better to feed your small dogs two to three times a day. The food for small breed dogs is usually nutrient rich. Their food is rich in fats and proteins and contains a small number of carbohydrates that are easy to digest.

The diet of small dogs should contain a high amount of calcium and phosphorous, as it helps in the growth and development of bones.

Diet for dogs

There are different types of diets that you can give to your small dogs. These diets include:

  • Wet Food This comes in pouches and cans. There is a huge variety of wet food available from which you have to choose for your dog. It is a good and palatable option for dogs, but don’t provide anything too much on. However, a combination of dry and wet food is also popular for small dogs.
  • Raw Food The concept of raw food has been getting popular in the past few years. The basic concept behind this type of food is that the food dogs consume in the wild is neither cooked nor contain additives. Many people like to make their own raw food diet for their small dogs.
  • Dry Kibble This diet is usually a balanced diet that is carefully worked out for small dogs by the manufacturer. You don’t need to add anything additional in this food, however, you should have water available. Some manufacturers of dry kibble make food for special breeds, others make flavors from which you can choose any for your dog.
  • Organic Food This food is produced in the same way as human organic food is produced. Organic food of dogs doesn’t come in contact with any chemical at any stage. This food has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. However, you may find it difficult to find out which brands are actually organic.
  • Grain Food In this type of food, you would not find any grain and gluten, as these ingredients may cause allergies in dogs.
  • Natural Food You will find many companies and brands that now produce food for dogs using human grade natural ingredients.
  • Fresh Food This particular type food items that comes in sealed packaging that looks like a sausage.

Every dog is different and in no way a single nutrition plan or a commercial dog food brand can be perfect for all small dogs. It is better to discuss the diet of your dog with your vet before setting up a proper meal plan.

We all want to do the best for our children. However, it can be difficult because it can feel like you’re being pulled in so many different directions. You have countless responsibilities and commitments that must be upheld. To succeed as a parent and be the best you can be for your kids, you need to focus on more than just them. You need to focus on yourself as well as them. So, let’s start there.

Finding Your Me Time

You have to think of parenting like a full-time job. When you’re at work, you don’t spend your whole time typing at a computer or going over the numbers. You take breaks, and the same should be true when you are a parent. If every waking moment of your spare time is focused on your children, you’ll find that you burn out very quickly.

Instead, you should be taking moments the day to make sure that you have time to breathe and relax. This could mean settling down with a good book or having a long hot soak in the bath. Both could renew your spirit and ensure that the pressures of being a parent don’t take you down.

You should have longer moments for yourself too. Don’t automatically discard the concept of an adult holiday when you are a parent. It could be just what you need.

Don’t Escape

There’s a different behind finding me time and trying to escape from the commitments and responsibilities. Remember, escaping doesn’t even have to mean leaving the house. You can escape simply by being a little too dependent on the glass of wine at the end of the day. Whether your kid is in the terrible twos or the tumultuous teens, a glass of wine at the end of the day can seem like the perfect cure. Be careful though, because it’s a depressant and it can numb you to both feelings and experience their childhood. If you think you’re a too dependant on this, you might want to check out It’s easy for a coping mechanism to become an addiction if you’re not careful. At that point, you won’t be giving your kids the parent they deserve.

Interact On Their Level

Lastly, one of the mistakes you can make as a parent is trying to get your child to interact on your level or the level that you think you should be. For instance, you might love sports, but that doesn’t mean your kid’s will. It also doesn’t mean that you should push them in this direction. Instead, you should embrace, encourage and adore what they adore. Get interested and excited about what they love whether that’s movies, art, writing or anything else. One day they will be adults, and your relationship will become a two-way street. For now, though, you need to support their passions and help them grow.

We hope you take this advice and make sure that you are giving your children the parent that they deserve. You can learn more about being the best parent on



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Allta is an exciting new fashion brand with tall women in mind. I love how the brand promotes high quality natural fabrics and yarns with an emphasis on sustainability.

Talll Women

I always wanted to be tall and some people would say I am. However my Mum and Grandma were taller than myself. I always saw tall as a good thing until I met a girl at college. She was really tall and found it embarrassing. I think part of that feeling came from the difficulty she had in finding clothes that fit her properly. Only yesterday, I heard a woman on a television programme say that is not fun shopping for fashion as a tall woman.

Tall Women

That’s all about to change as Emma Stewart launches fashion brand Allta. Allta clothing is aimed at women of 5 feet 10 and over who favour contemporary clothing with a twist.

Emma, 49 from South Moreton near Didcot in Oxfordshire comes from a position of real experience of being a tall woman with her 6 foot frame. Emma is a force of nature who left her job in film and television production for Creative England earlier this year to start up Allta.  Three years ago she had life-saving surgery after a cycling accident. She’s  just the sort of inspirational woman I like to feature on this blog. She keeps on keeping on and pursues her dreams whatever life throws at her.

Tall Women

“Although the high street has improved since my teens, I still can’t find those wardrobe staples of the style and quantity that I want” says Emma “so I decided to create my own.”

Emma who is working in partnership with her husband Colin has a clear vision of her ideal customer. “I’ve always preferred natural fibres that are luxurious and stand the test of time. I’m designing for people who appreciate that kind of craftsmanship” she adds.

Allta’s first collection features a wool blazer and cotton-zip jacket manufactured in the UK. These are the type of classics that every woman needs in her wardrobe.

Tall Women

With this in mind, Emma is launching Allta at Henley’s Shopping Village.

“The best rowers are often taller than average and the Henley Regatta is synonymous with smart blazers” says Emma.

Emma will be joined at the pop-up shop by Kiko Matthews who earlier this year broke the world record for the fastest female solo row across the Atlantic. Emma sponsored Kiko’s endeavours helping her reach her target to raise money for King’s College Hospital where the rower had brain surgery just months before setting off on her impressive Atlantic adventure.

Kiko, who is a big fan of Allta, says: “I’m thrilled to see it all come to fruition and to lend my support to Emma’s new business.”

Allta is a welcome addition to the women’s fashion market and has plans to introduce long and short-sleeved T-shirts soon, perfect for holiday season.

A New Fashion Range With Tall Women In Mind

Check out Allta’s first collection

Instagram: @allta_clothing;


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Cruises have really gained in popularity in recent years. While at one time, they were largely associated with the older generation, these days they appeal to all age ranges. They’re fantastic for families and couples, providing plenty of on-board entertainment. So, how do they compare to traditional holidays?

Here, we’ll take a look at what you can expect from a cruise experience and how it compares to a traditional style getaway.

You’ll visit several destinations

When you head off on a traditional holiday, usually you’re only getting to see one country. This is great, but it’s not as great as being able to explore numerous destinations in the same trip!

You’ll find cruises which run to all corners of the world, enabling you to visit places you’ve never even heard of. Choose a cruise with the Bolsover Cruise Club for example, and you’ll get to select from destinations such as Africa, Alaska, Canary Islands and South Pacific cruises. If you were to opt for an African cruise, you’d get to stop off at Cape Town, Mombasa and Kenya – some of the best places to view the Big 5 (elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards and buffalos).

So, if you’d prefer a holiday which lets you visit several destinations throughout, a cruise is definitely recommended.

There’s entertainment to suit everyone

When you go on a traditional holiday, there may be entertainment and attractions to suit everyone, but you typically have to go out of your way to find them. On a cruise however, all of the entertainment is in one place. You don’t need to travel far from your cabin to experience entertainment such as live shows, casinos, cinemas, dancing, music and even fitness classes.

This also makes cruises a great choice for families. It can be difficult finding entertainment on a traditional holiday to suit both a toddler and an adolescent for example. However, on a cruise ship there’s entertainment for the entire family.

It promotes long-term happiness

Perhaps one of the most surprising differences between a traditional holiday and a cruise, is that a cruise can promote long-term happiness. A study has actually shown those who take a cruise feel happier and more relaxed than those who go on traditional holidays. What’s more, these feel-good benefits often last more than six months after the holiday!

So, if you’re looking for a holiday that’s going to eliminate your stress and boost your happiness, a cruise could be just what you need. Overall, there’s many benefits of choosing a cruise over a traditional style holiday. If you haven’t considered a cruise in the past, then now is definitely the time to do so.



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Product manuals are important in business. Business owners often spend a lot of time and creativity coming up with great products. If they market them well, they will have customers. However if a customer gets a product and does not understand how to use it they are unlikely to become repeat customers.

Product manuals and stress

How many times have you tried to put furniture together with a less than adequate product manual? I remember this with a flat pack desk and the initial joy of the purchase turning to stress as we spent hours trying to figure out how to put it together.

If that’s how it is with a relatively simple product, imagine how tricky it can be to have a poor product manual when it comes to very technical products.

In the right language

We live in a global and multicultural society. Online shopping means we may be ordering products from many different countries. Most of us speak perhaps language apart from our own at best and often only the most basic rudiments at that.


I love visual manuals that include images to go along with clear instructions in text. I like to cross-reference between the two. It is also a total relief when the product manual includes English instructions. It is good to see more genuinely multilingual manuals coming with the items I order online. I use the languages I speak but am also genuinely thrilled that so many languages are covered as not understanding how to use a product is frustrating and sometimes dangerous.

Lost product manuals

What I really love nowadays is that if you lose the product manual it does not mean that you have to throw away the product. This is a very good thing for me as I regularly buy second-hand goods from charity shops and all too often the instructions are missing altogether. I once bought a food mixer and was so disappointed when I had no means of using it. Not sure if it would work or not, I sent a tweet to the manufacturer. Amazingly they got back to me straightaway and sent me a copy of the instructions. We were as delighted as a family that we got to work and made a chocolate cake straightaway even though it was not a special occasion. So you could say in our house a good product manual is an excuse to eat cake!


Another issue with product manuals within a diverse society is to consider the needs of the elderly and those with special needs. Product manuals can be transformed into accessible formats including large or giant print, braille, audio, Easy Read and British Sign Language. The statistics around sight loss and hearing difficulties as we get older are daunting and there is no reason why people who have such issues should be ruled out of living a full life and enjoying products available on the market.

It is all about providing the right product manual that meets the needs of customers whether that is that some prefer illustrations to words or in the case of particular needs around age, language or disability.

How do you feel about product manuals? Do you have an amusing story to share?






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