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Bad day does not mean a bad week

I had a bad day this week where for various reasons I felt quite negative. What was lovely was that I put a post on social media saying I knew that just because today was a bad one did not mean the next day would be. When I was in

Feeling tense

Why am I feeling tense? Actually I am OK right now although I am tense in terms of excitement as I research a dream I have for the future. I guess that is a good thing and I am reminded that you can experience both positive and negative stress. You need

Glimmers of sunshine

Glimmers of sunshine make me happy both literally and metaphorically. There is definitely something in all this idea of vitamin D making you feel better. My mistake during my depressed days included not getting out much at all which only made things worse. I ensure I get out regularly now

Teenage son left hospital

My teenage son left hospital again last week. He has had an operation and it has really knocked him. He is clearly not fit to return to school yet and I really feel for him. In fact, when he first left hospital in December after his operation, he appeared traumatised and

Paypal password problems

Paypal password problems caused me some grief today. Let's put this in context. Most of my money was in Paypal and I needed to transfer it to my bank account. I could not get in using my usual password which seemed odd. Of course then I started questioning whether the password

I am not sure I want to be responsible

I am not sure I want to be responsible so am reflecting on the word responsible as my word of the week. There is this niggling voice that has started to rebuke me for being too responsible. When I work, I put in too much effort often more than I am rewarded

What cheerfulness means to me

I thought I would check what cheerfulness means partly as inspiration for today's post as for a variety of reasons I am feeling tired. Google tells me that cheerfulness is the state of being noticeably happy and optimistic. I am happy enough at the moment but more importantly I am optimistic

Playing with fire

Playing with fire is dangerous. Should we do it and if so under what circumstances? I like candles and my son was watching me light them the other  day. He wanted to have a go. All my protective instincts screamed no. Then I reflected that he will need to strike a

Treating nosebleeds in the family

Treating nosebleeds is something most parents have had to do at some point. Do you now what to do if your child has a nosebleed? I find my daughter is prone to nosebleeds. She used to have the odd idea that they came every Halloween! My sons don't have  them often

Lost bank card – what to do

I have a lost bank card. It has gone off on some adventure and at first I did not realise it was missing. My purse has a broken hinge and kept popping open. I knew this was an issue but instead of moving everything into another purse that I had

Birth plans

Birth plans seem like such a good idea when you first hear the concept. As a mum-to-be we have a vague idea that birth might involve a lot of pain and screaming so surely it is best to have a plan. Before I experienced the reality of childbirth, I thought the

Cavolo Nero recipes

I  confess I had not heard of this ingredient until I saw it in Waitrose. I am delighted to share these tasty Cavolo Nero recipes with you and highly recommend the fish pie in particular as perfect comfort food. CREAMY CAVOLO NERO AND CHESTNUT STIR FRY Serve with sherry Try this recipe with

5 things you might not know about carers at Christmas

Christmas time is a special time of year, for friends and families to meet and enjoy some precious time together. For those who require additional support throughout the year, a carer is a crucial part of everyday life, particularly during the festive season, but what does that mean for the